Yamingshan 陽明山: Jiantan 劍潭山 to Xinbeitou 新北投 (40 km, 7 hours, ↕2000 m)

This was one of my first longest runs in Yamingshan, this direction is alsmost only on the trail (forest paths, stairs) out of any traffic. I start from Jiantan mrt 劍潭山and kept direction to 風櫃嘴 which is familiar for many people.

Firts possibility buy water is in Grass lend in Yamingshan 擎天崗. I run in very hot weather and had quite problem with water in first part.The length of this is under 40 km if you are not lost, but run is on many paths with stairway and run down from mt. Datun 大屯南峰 back to Xinbeitou mrt 新北投 is very step on the end. I did it during seven hours with few rests and making pictures. Cheers Yamingshan.


圓山 (Jiantan MRT) → 大崙尾山 (Dalunwieshan – good viewpoint, 451 masl) → 白石湖 (small lake) → 大崙頭山 (Daluntoushan) → 五指山 → 風櫃嘴 (saddle of road) → 擎天崗 (grass lend) → 冷水坑 (Lengshueikeng – free hot spring) → 七星山 (Mt. Qixing, 1120 masl) → 小油坑 (Xiaoyoukeng Visitor center) → 七星山 (Qixingshan, 1120 masl) → (二子坪 (entry to Tatun Natural Parkt)) → 大屯山 (Mt. Datun, 1092 masl) → 大屯南峰 (Mt. Datun south peak) → 中正山 (Mt. ZhongZheng – good viewpoint)  → 新北投 (Xinbeitou MRT)

This is window to my diary, should works fine on computer:




Jiantan 劍潭山 entry, close to Grand hotel
大崙尾山 Dalunwieshan
amazing bench with amaizng view
大崙頭山 Daluntoushan
my friend on 風櫃嘴

小油坑 Xiaoyoukeng Visitor center
七星山 Qixingshan 1120 masl
七星山 Qixingshan from second side

the trail was close, but had to go there
to 新北投 Xinbeitou MRT

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