Wulai 烏來: 紅河谷步道 Red River Valley Trail, 竹坑山 Bamboo Cloudy Hill, 獅頭峰 Lion’s Head peak, 新店 Xindian (19+12 km, 7.5 hours, ↕1500 m)

This was my first exploring of really wild trail in Taiwan. I still remember how the pure nature fascinated me. Be alone in these forest is very purifying and amazing. I met groups of monkeys, wild big scared me and catch many spiders. This is Wulai!

I took morning bus to the Red bridge  加九大橋 Jiā jiǔ dàqiáo  and did my first steps in Red River Valley Trail 紅河谷步道 Hóng hégǔ bùdào. Red River Valley Trail. After few kilometers of nice running came to the turistic shelter. I continue more deep and up around the stream. I was amazed at this nature, in one moment some very loudly noise scared me and later on saw wild pig.

Reach trail crossroad 涼亭格 Liángtíng gé (695 masl) and continued to the Bamboo Cloudy Hill  竹坑山 Zhú kēng shān on the north (trail straight is to 熊空 Xióng kōng in Sanxia). Orientation in these forest is very difficult, you can just find white/red labels on some small crossroad, have some GPS (used LocusFree for Android) is an advantage.

I reach Bamboo Cloudy Hill 竹坑山  and try climb on the tree and finally look around, but the forest is so dense. Before North Peak I little doubt about my direction and I met one guy. It was like miracle, but I really met one guy there, he was foreign (Chris) and he spent few night in this forest. Just alone with tent but with lot of courage (I didn‵t meet anybody later in my runs).

I continued more on the nort, no so much run, just cross the forest till Lion`s Head mountain 獅頭峰 Shī tóu fēng. Finally back on the easy trail, I was very happy for my adventure. From the top is nice view to new satelite towns and Taipei. I have to run back to the Xindian on the road, I went out of the forest and sun hit my head with amount of sunshine (how amazing is be in forest during very hot days).

The trail was just 19 km long, but I spent there more then six hours. Back to Xindian on the road took 1:20 with 12 km. First bus 849 to Wulai (Red bridge) start from Xindian MRT at 5:30, after six even from Taipei Main station.


加九大橋 Jiā jiǔ dàqiáo (Red bridge) – 紅河谷步道 Hóng hégǔ bùdào (Red River Valley Trail) –  涼亭格 Liáng tíng gé (695 masl crossroad) – 竹坑山 Zhú kēng shān (Bamboo Cloudy Hill) – 竹坑山北峰 Zhú kēng shānběi fēng (Bamboo Cloudy Hill North Peak) – 獅頭峰 Shī tóu fēng (Lion’s Head peak) –  新店 Xīndiàn (Xindian, back on the road)
Till 獅頭峰 Lion’s Head peak: map, gpx
back to Xindian: map, gpx

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Wulai 烏來:  紅河谷步道 Red River Valley Trail,  竹坑山 Bamboo Cloudy Hill,  獅頭峰Lion’s Head peak, 新店 Xindian
加九大橋 Jiā jiǔ dàqiáo (Red bridge)
紅河谷步道 Hóng hégǔ bùdào (Red River Valley Trail)
one of many small bridges
Turistic shelter (up from it to Bá dāo ěr shān 拔刀爾山)
涼亭格 Liáng tíng gé (695 masl crossroad)
view to 竹坑山 Zhú kēng shān (Bamboo Cloudy Hill)
Tarpaulin for hunters (very often in Taiwan)
Only one view, but amazing
stick insects (Phasmatodea)
reach trail aroun 獅頭峰Lion’s Head peak
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ladder to 獅頭峰Lion’s Head
Green viper (http://www.snakesoftaiwan.com/)
Xintan Rd

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