Wulai 烏來: Fushan 福山, Fushan Garden 福山植物園 , A Yushan 阿玉山 and Wulai 烏來 (50 km, 14 hours, ↕3500 m)

This was very difficul trip with my friends, we did 50 km during 14 hours in Wulai forest 烏來林. We reach Ā yùshān 阿玉山 1420 masl and then run/walk 15 km in dark on the trail 北宜路九段(北宜公路).

 Petr, Sasha, Howard, Sebastian

One month before this trip we visit area under 阿玉山 Ā yùshān in 烏來 Wū lái, we ran on the trail  西坑林道 Xi kēng líndào or 北宜路九段(北宜公路) which is recorded in google map as road. I ran with Sasha and Ruth, it was holliday day because some typhoon was cooming. We moved to Wulai quite late because huge raining at the morning. The trail 西坑林道 is quite amazing, it is probably planed road to Yilan, but the trail is disappeared after 18 km from Wulai. We were were quite lost in forest around 阿玉山 Ā yùshān. Also raining and dark were coming and we finally return back to the trail c. 12 km far from asphalte road, it was already dark. We were equipped only with two lights, we really run in this trail during the night, it was amazing experience but we wouldn’t repeat it. Unfortunetely I planed next trip in this area.

Me, Sasha, Howard, Sebastian move to Wulai, take taxi to 福山 Fúshān (600 NTD). It was quite raining weather already and I planed run there 50 km with returning to Wulai. The trail 福哈越嶺古道 to Fushan Garden 福山植物園 was fun with some river wading. On 9K mark met pointer to 鳥口尖山 Niǎo kǒu jiānshān and gardens, we continued straigth to Fushan gardens, we lost trail and look very long for it, finally realise that the trail is in river. You have to walk in river, there is nearly not chance walk around, but the river is very nice in open valley. Already quite tired we reach Fushan gardens, there were hundreds visitor and everybody watch us. We take rest behind the main gate and some old woman/guard blame us because we didn`t have permit for this area. We thanks forthis information and next time will not apply for it again, sure.

We continued on the asphlate road to wood gate to 阿玉山 Ā yùshān. From there ascent on good path but reach top 1420 masl was quite long and far, but finally did it. The A yushan is covered by grass and on the top is some old building. We were so weat and so cold, we wanted continue down to one bridge on 西坑林道, but we could find the trail to the bridge 獅坑橋 Shī kēng qiáo. We return little back down and turn to place where we were already before month. We could find small turn to down to 西坑林道, we wasted precious time because dark was again comming. Finally we found it, it was quite happy time, but it was nearly dark and still twenty km in trail back to Wulai.

We were already very tired and run/walk in the dark in this depth trail was very difficult for everybody. Even we know this trail already, some part were changed by soil falling and it consume time found right way. During looking for trail a met probably Taiwan Habu 龜殼花 Guī ké huā or maybe deared Hundred-Pacer snake 百步蛇 Bǎi bù shé ready to attack, I was very scared it was just two steps before me in high grass. Didn`t tell others and got out there. Both kind are very highly venomous.

After few minutes we met just small green viper on the trail. The trail seems infinite, because we were quite slow and so tired and some parts were difficult to climb. It was about 8 pm and we finally reach road 溪櫻花 Xī yīnghuā back to Wulai, we pass quietly police station on the road (烏來區孝義阿玉路派出所 Wū lái qū xiàoyì āyù lù pàichūsuǒ) because also here you have to aplly for permition. Run back down six kilometres to Wulai was very difficult for me, adrenalin stopped work and I began be very tired. We catch last bus 849 to Xindian at 21:40. We did 50 km, lost and looked for trail many times, we spent there 14 hours. After this trip was quite sick, exhausted.


Fúshān 福山 – (on the trail 福哈越嶺古道) – Fúshān zhíwùyuán 福山植物園 – 管制站 – gate to A yushan road – Ā yùshān 阿玉山 1420 masl – (on the trail Xi kēng líndào 西坑林道) – bridge 獅坑橋 – police station 烏來區孝義阿玉路派出所 – Wū lái 烏來

map, gpx

This is window to my diary, should works fine on computer:


50 km in Wulai forest during 14 hours
Fúshān 福山, start of trail
some rive wading was necessary to do
mark on 9K, go up if you don`t want
trace river, because straigth have to trace rive to Fushan gardens
fuck, where is the trail. TRAIL IS RIVER!
But very cool rive tracing
also here was not trail, just some old hute
it is close to Fushan garden, the river is quite zig-zag but in nice valley
we were attractionfor local turists
behind main gate, guard blame us because wedidnt have permint for these woods…
gate to Ā yùshān 阿玉山
Ā yùshān 阿玉山 is still very far
Ā yùshān 阿玉山 1420 masl and everything weat and very cold
Sebastian running T-shirt, happy engineering
We share supplies, we need it. It is quite cold and dark will be soon.
We looked for small turn in the forest for very long time even we were there one mont ago we miss it.
We were really happy when we found it, but it was nearly dark and it was just on the trail 18 km to Wulai,
we will run it again in the nigh :/
there is probably the turn down to Xi kēng líndào 西坑林道
there is concrete bridge 獅坑橋 in the middle of Xi kēng líndào 西坑林道, from there can continue on the trail or even climb to A yushan, we could find way from A yushan to here
green Bamboo viper, few minutes ago met Taiwan Habu  龜殼花 or maybe feared Hundred-Pacer 百步蛇 snake ready to attack,
was very scared it was just two steps before me in high grass. Didn`t tell others and got out there.
bus 849 back to Xindian, we didn talk, we were so tired
happy back, sorry guys. Howard ride his bicycle next one hour back to home…

Following pictures are not from same day, but shown the trail from Wulai with direction to Yilan  北宜路九段(北宜公路):

really was road, when? write me if you know any information
road, curve first left 🙂

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