Wulai 烏來: Fuba Crossing Trail 福巴越嶺古道 (16+10 km, 4.5 hours, ↑1500 m, ↓700 m)

Amazing trail, here should be dot sentence and no more comment, but…
Lets run to our mission in Ark church in 卡拉 Kǎlā village which lies behind the hills from 福山 Fúshān (end road of Wulai), why use public when we can run there…

Petr & Eva

I dreamed about this trail already more then two years, because I visit trail entry (suspension bridge, in 2012 very broken) on bicycle second month in Taiwan. And finally came great reason to run it in one direction.
Trail starts behind suspension bridge in 福山 Fúshān (350 m) and leads 15km smoothly to 1750 m where is entry to 拉拉山 Lā lā shān (2031 m), in the half is also crossroad up to peak 檜山 Guìshān (1436 m). WE didn’t have time for climb up to Lala shan, because we begun our run at 3 pm and had less then four hours to dark. All trail has more then 16 km and it is very easy but amazing run up. There is not big problem on the trail, just few fallen trees, some little broken bridges, etc. Un fortunately you need permit for entry, I described it more below.
On another side of mountain is La shan ecoligical center 拉拉山生態教育館 (1500 m) and we came there already in dark. There are amazing very old trees (I saw 1700yr old one), one of reasons for permit to the deeper forest. I run across this park next morning (here).
Then run next 8 km down to 卡拉 Kǎlā village on the road, with nice view to villages in mountains, where we were expected in amazing Ark churche,卡拉長老教會 (方舟教堂). Second day had class for aboriginal kids. Nice opportunity and great experience for us. We will return soon if possible.


Permit issue

From January 2013 is necessary apply for entry permit to this trail, without permition can be very expensive trip (30-150k NTD). It is quite annoying, but main reason were illegal woodcutter, trees in LaLa forest have more then thousand years. For permit visit website http://pa.forest.gov.tw/ , Chatianshan Nature Reserve. Application for permit takes 15 days. Unfortunately it will be close for Sep-Oct 2014.


Fuba Crossing Trail 福巴越嶺古道 Fú bā yuè lǐng gǔdào:
福山 Fúshān (350m) – 5km permition warning label – 9km crossroad to 檜山 Guìshān (1436 m) – 14km crossroad (1750 m) to 拉拉山 Lā lā shān (2031 m) – end of trail in LaLa shan ekoligical center 拉拉山生態教育館 (1500 m) – ( run down on the road to 卡拉 Kǎlā village (1040 m) to Ark church 方舟教堂 Fāngzhōu jiàotáng )

map, gps

This is window to my diary, should works fine on computer:


Nice map (trail is basically very easy for orientation):



for permit visit website http://pa.forest.gov.tw/
without permit charging 30 to 150k NTD
卡拉長老教會 (方舟教堂)

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