Unpaired ATM Transfers

please see list below, there are some bank transfers withou identification.

直接匯款到跑山獸帳戶,請使用您的報名號碼當付款的依據。付款後,請寄收據影本或您的匯款帳號最後5碼(例如:12345)到info@archiv.taiwanbeastrunners.com . 您的訂報名不會變更直到資金已清楚在我們的帳戶裡。

Make your payment directly into our bank account (E. Sun Bank (808), 0554940006524). Please use your registration No. (eg. 17-56aadce95c20c) as the payment reference. After payment send last five digits *12345 of your bank account to info@archiv.taiwanbeastrunners.com. Your registration status will not be changed until the funds have cleared in our account.