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Great, got 13th place in Translantau 100km with my 15:56 hours. It was hard, but Nothing Great it Easy. Moreover Taiwan Beast Runners could be part of organization of this torture; Eva was getting experiences with this uneasy logistic game. There are hundreds and hundreds tasks which has to be solved before, during and after race and team of Translantau did in very well in their 5th edition.


Mui Wo and its Silvermine Bay beach in Lantau Island is great venue for it. Race director Clement Dumont designed hundred kilometres across Lantau, when I was climbing from nort sea cost up to Lantau Peak I called him Sadist.

005_under construction

But let’s back to 23:30 Friday when 100k game started and during 32 hours almost 400 runners returned back. Trails in Hong Kong are not difficult for orientation and quite runnable in comparison with Taiwan, but trails are really hard. Stones, steps and lack of soft soil are giving a hard time after many kilometres. Brief comments of my hundred:

0 – 12 km “Night start”

Easy trail up to Lo Fu Taio and first few guys were getting faster with Vlad Ixel in front. I took easy because if you think you run do fast you really do. Descent was cool, I loved it. So high bushes narrow trail with some rope-rocky parts, it was kind of Beast style. I just was wondering if whole race will be similar.


12 – 21 km “Foggy, don’t get lost dude”

From CP1 in Pak Mong Village is no steep, but many steps on start up to Sunset Peak. I walked easy and first time in race try listen some music from mp3. Swich one runner and after while some crazy speed runner switch me – what’s up – It was Vlad. He got lost and probably many front runners with him.

I was wondering about nice view from Sunset Peak, once I slept there and It was cool, but. In higher altitude begun cloud/misty and I was really happy that I took my 25 NTD hand torch, because if you use headlamp you see only milk. I was getting fast with this invention, even switch Vlad. Run in this misty and listen some Iron Maiden was great. Only one wet spot in whole course and I step on it, shit wet my Inov8 Race Ultra 290 shoe for next 80km? Before CP2 most of lost fast runners catch me (from results looks like hard fight).


21 – 34 km “Whose stomach works at three in the morning?

Take water in CP2 in Pak Kung and run down on South Lantau trail. Already this part was little painful for my knees and I was really not getting fast. Down were 4 km on the concrete road around catch water stream. I just remember that my stomach didn’t want work (sure around 2-3 am) and I asked why I do this and hoped I will find answer for it later. Runivore Chia on Date bar helped me, it is not easy to chewy, but are quite neutral for my stomach.

Oh I saw some white bottom in bush, it means no only me had problem with digestion. Later nice 6 km ascent to Ngogn Ping CP3 where was also cell phone check (organizers control you mandatory equipment). Started drink Coke.


34 – 45 km “Coke and dry apricot, sleepy

Little more road in descent, but after climb up to 434 m Tam Shan and 459 Keung Shan. I was so sleepy and stomach didn’t work, no good. Ok I will try some salty soup in CP4. Damn it is the farthest CP and they don’t have. Tried apply dry apricot and coke, two cup of coke.


45 – 57 km “From Dusk Till Dawn”

Next section included some nice trail over peaks and sun slowly raised up to the cloudy day. Will be amazing, but I was so sleepy. Few runners switch me and I keep pace with first men team (Trail Asia Mag, 15:20) for few kilometres until they speedup in descent (down was really pain for me). Thanks for pace me for a while, Kwok Lun Ng and Wai Yiu Chan.

Very step down to sea cost from Nga Ying Shan made me no faster and I was really thinking try sleep in CP5. Before it have to run very long bridge where some dog attacked me.

008_firs men team

57 – 69 km “Sadistic climb”

Great CP5 in Tai O in elementary school. Came there – coke and PLEASE soup. Put shoes down and try applied some silicone Anti-Chafing gel which I got before start, and change socks. Actually it was quite good and no any blister after, thank you Pjur Active.

Eat great mushroom soup and bread, it made me really happy. Decide no sleep and continue. It took few flat kilometres around sea cost. I just was amazed by the bridge construction from HK to China, so huge and still many kilometres left.

After 63 km I hit wall, but no the energetic one, but soooo steep trail with bushes. All race was not sunshine, but in this part sun fried me. My average pace of race is 9:30, but kilometre on this took 27 minutes. Reach finally station of 360 cabin to Ngong Ping. From there easy trail back to CP6 in Ngong Ping on 69th kilometre.


69 – 74 km “Giant stairway to heaven”

Applied more Coke, next five kilometres goes up to Lantau peak on very very steep stony steps. Omg, this five kilometres took me nearly 1.5 hour. I even sit on stair. When I finally reach top, there were crazy windy-cloud weather.

Up was hard, but go steep down was pain. Finally reach CP 7 in Pak Kung where I put down jacket, drink Coke and took apricots.


74 – 84 km “Human body and mind are amazing

I know this part from one night walk after another race (Vertical Kilometre blog post). I applied some heavy metal music and surprisingly I found energy to run faster. It was cool, how cool observed how human body works, where the energy was taken from. I was in bbq site Nam Shan very quickly walked across Tai Ngau Wu Teng 275 m to CP8 Sap Long Kau Tsuen. 009_stair

84 – 95 km “Nice fast trail, but…”

Applied tomato soup and splash it with two cups of Coke and go up to last small hill in this course. Oh yes, three hundred peaks are like nothing, but after 85 kilometres, fuck them…

Few front runners from 50 km course switch in this section very fast. Final trail part to last small CP 9 was on amazing contour trail with many boulders around and I wish be here no after 88 kilometres. Count time little and maybe I can be back within 16 hours, lets little speed up. Ups, again little up.

0012_finish me

95 – 100 km “Fast finish”

Just quick Coke in last CP and speed up to the finish. I really would like see my running style in this section when legs are tired and try push be faster. Anyway I had enough time to run last kilometre in Mui Wo and be back in 16:56.


100 km “Thanks”

I came back with smile and happy see my Eva there. During whole course didn’t find answer why I do this, but in certain way I was satisfied and definitely happy be back. Vlad Ixel got lost just three times and get back far from second in time 13:25. Hundred kilometres with more than 5000 vertical meters can bring many surprised. Great experience.

Thank you Translantau and Asia Trail magazine for this experience. Thank you Inov8 for very solid Race Ultra 290 shoes, and Compressport Taiwan for very comfortable shirt and shorts and Titan for their socks. Runivore for their yummy superfood bars with chia. Thank you all around it. Also friends Yapit Tseng and Yujui Tai be in this game as well.



Translantau web:

Translantau 100 results 2015:

Pictures were took from there authors: Derek Leung, 二次, HK Run, Dabera Yu, Maggie Tsang


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Map of run (window to RunningAHEAD diary)

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