TAIWAN Action Asia 50 km 台灣動感亞洲50 km (AMAZING Google Earth TOUR and maps for trail 50 km race in Shimen and Maokong 17 km)

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Action AsiaHere is link to the AMAZING Google Earth TOUR for AA 50km in Shimen (or from marathon.GEmVG.com with video version). Please download every plugins then sit on your bottom, take headphones, click on 試跑 and enjoy it (I have Goose bumps every time), YOU will run it on November 8th in real time.

http://gemvg.com/It was created by Steven Ho 何燦群 who is Google Earth fanatic and really did amazing job not only for this race, but also for another ultra races, MIT台灣誌, and other tours. Please visit his blog GEmVG from more fantastic tours and information about Google Earth.

 more maps…

Less cool 2D maps for 50km, 21km and 13km in Shimen

13 km: http://tour.xplova.com/routeDetail/?GUID=E32150EF-061E-83E3-1AC1-B9659C79B9C7

21 km: http://tour.xplova.com/routeDetail/?GUID=60F358FD-B12C-AF15-5F4A-E5E2CC4D902D

50 km: http://tour.xplova.com/routeDetail/?GUID=43EE2E77-B15E-AE65-DCBC-6FA383F73630

OtterBox Action Asia X-Trail (Maokong) 17 km:

17km: http://tour.xplova.com/routeDetail/?GUID=BCAB3CE7-82AE-7219-8751-B2CE12616BB6

NOTICE: It is possible to download the <.gpx> of the race. Please note that the Xplova server modified the route little bit and some parts are more smooth, then distance and elevation is not exactly how is written but more!

Action Asia events:



Shimen 13 km:

Shimen 21 km:

Shimen 50 km:

AA 17km Maokong:

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