Taiwan Action Asia 50 km trail ultramarathon (50 km, 6:16, ↕2500 m)

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First 50 km on trail in Taiwan ever. Many technical parts were overcome by brave runners on this fifty kilometers with 2500 meters gain elevation. It was very tough, but it was great experience for every participant. See you on trail..

Did you have hard time? Runners had 12 hours to finish whole course, even half day seems enough for fifty, but this course will change your opinion. There were 2500 meters of steep ascent and descent with few overgrow parts, which doesn’t allowed you run and moving forward require full body workout.

Taiwan Beast Runners helped to Action Asia find the course and finishers response that they never run something like this. Action Asia still need improve organization of some parts, but during the run was everything smooth. The course was marked well (even metal spikes one by one by ribbons), CP had enough of basic food and water and it allowed enjoy and finish to 122 runners included 13 women.

First great runner and nice man Vlad Ixel finished 5:34:30 after start, second was the strongest and patient girl Ruth Croft in 5:52:23 and I came third far behind them 6:16:13, but under my estimated time – all results here – Racematrix. I had hard time last 15 kilometres, and if you ask runners what was most difficult part, they will answer last 8 kilometres to finish on the ridge. There were many shorter and steep (first quite long) up and many downs run, walks.

There will be soon more pictures and news about the race and I will upload this post.

I was in the end and saw faces of every finisher. Everybody had smile on, even they tried so much during these fifty kilometres, because they DID IT:

There were also another Beast winners in 21 and 13 km categories, congratulations to Bas (he likes the trail, and this is big point for AA) and Christina run fastest 13km around 石門山 Shímén shān, Evas mother 潘秀玉 (62 years old) performed well and got third place.  Erica enjoyed course of 20 km with her new Inov-8 Trailroc 226and came as first lady in.


Amazing performance of Pippen as first Taiwanese finisher, he was awarded by trip to HK in 7 th February for AA 50km in Sai Kung.
Guys Chou Pin Chi (local fauna created few holes in his dress and body)  and Hung Wen Wu finished behind and got great forth and fifth place, respectively.
James and Damiano finished pretty soon and looked quite fresh 🙂 probably aspirants for more 跑山獸 taming!
Sasha finished (dot), even had technical problel with his knee, but this allowed him share pictures on FB from highest peak 溪洲山 on hell trail back to finish.
Our excursion two weeks ago had effect and probably helped finished quite soon to Guo-feng , Joy and 謝財福. 林毓桓 was early back with smile.

Yujui, Sam Wang,  張惇堯crossed finish line in quartet of friends and showed that running is not only single man sport!

Amber and Orrien finished as one, one couple.
Main local sponsor of AA50k in Shimen – Runivore end their two athletes and their were doped by Chia seed and their new bars, and both finished. Andy faster, but Tomasz with smile and big bamboo stick in his hand. Bob finished between them with wide eyes full of emotion.


The dude Levent, he decided join it two days before, finished even under ten hours with cheers of his personal fan club. Also Grant run (last hundred meters) to the finish of his first hell race.
Max Huang, 康康 and 蔡耀全crossed finish with crying fifth bitch in Kate.  🙂

There were many happy finisher of first 50km trail race in Taiwan, congratulations also belongs to friends Hondaa, 高阿宏, Padma, Lu. Even glory goes to 許欽松 (Relax) who finished in night when most people was leaving. Congratulations to everybody.

Extra comments and thanks:

Thank you Yujui and his brother provided base nigh before race, very appreciate it.

Last but not least, thanks to Eva managed IT, help organization Actionasia Events with communication with runners, solved unsolved issue and made as much as possible best for local runners. Every time is space to improve, but AA marked very well whole course and runners could enjoy Taiwan style trails.
Thanks to Aqua (the small puppy) sleep whole day.


Taiwan Beast Runners 跑山獸helped find the course, but whole responsibility goes to Carrier Ho, please kick his ass if you didn’t like.

Thank our sponsor Inov8 provide great equipment, Titan socks for good feet comfort, Runivore for Chia seeds and Pernaton joint gels (have to apply after days after) for support us.

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More pictures:

Taiwan Action Asia 50 km trail ultramarathon

From trail 20-44th km (excursion before race)

D1D 2014 AAE動感亞洲石門水庫50公里越野賽

Pics by Lloyd at Taiwan’s first Skyrunning race Nov 8 2014 at Shimen

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