Taipei Fubon Marathon 臺北馬拉松 (Petr 2:48:07, Bas 2:42:35)

Taipei Fubon Marathon 臺北馬拉松 (Petr 2:48:07, Bas 2:42:35)

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International Fubon Marathon in Taipei, one fastest marathon in Asia, tested how good pacer you are. It was our second flat city marathon and seems everypody improve. Weather was very good, cloudy, but no raining, cold, but no freezing, just windy in last part. It was again torture for me, when ten kilometres left.
Congratulations to everybody.


Marathon is king of the road running distance. Every runner little dream run it once, run it hundreds of times, etc. Some of them has even time goal, be under certain time. This requires preparing and knowing of your running performance and pacing in this distance.
I think for marathon is also little more difficult to train, because the distance over 30km (for somebody later or earlier), bring something new. It is kind of shock for body, when you depleted carbohydrates stores from your body, overloaded part of muscles from same length of steps.
Indeed, runner which can keep 180 strides/minute, has to do around 24000 to 32000 steps if he goals for 2:15 to 3:00, respectively. Means length of on step is from 1.8 (even more) to 1.3 m. That’s just simple consideration about marathon distance. Anyway so many steps with same length, same muscles tension, etc. bring another problem to energy needs. Here is happiness for trail runners which can be pretty happy that their sequences of steps are never same.
Ok, back to our Fubon Marathon in Taipei. The week before was quite cold and I even worried will be cold so much. But race day bring probably best weather for city marathon. It was cloudy, temperature around 15 degrees (34 Fahrenheit if you wish), no raining, no so much smog :).
Got ticket to first line (from my last 2:52 result from marathon), otherwise has to wait so long or wait in stuck of people. For marathon up to 7000 (5318 finishers) and half with 14000 heads, and both start together, it can makes gun time and chip time difference of 15 minutes, before push your body through gate.
I was gaoling to time 2:47, or even wish be 2:45. I started with Bas Brull, and let him go soon. I promised run closer to 4 min/km and he took first group of runners. I stood with few Taiwanese and later catch Kenyans girls. It was no bad pace, little faster then I wished, but group is better then be single. I know that champion woman can be around 2:35, and I expect when they will start speed up.
Watch showed me pace 2:40-2:45, which were quite fast for me and others male runners from Taiwan. We let girls go. I still saw Bas, now already single, because keep first group is higher level for us. Keep no bad pace, but probably faster. I run with 蘇志濱, and then saw his amazing acceleration around 15 km, he finished as first Taiwanese with 2:36.
I run half of marathon for 1:19:30, which will be cool to keep it to the full, but impossible. Expect some problems after 27 km. On 25th kilometre, water station with banana would like take banana which one volunteer offered me, but he took it back just before I grab it, with laughing. This was really fucking dirty trick, and no so much fun, asshole. Fortunately had gels from BCAA amino strong, thank you for support us.
Big crisis came after 32 km, little later, then usually, but bigger. My feet, knees and hips were in pain, I probably was tired so much and didn’t concentrated for proper steps, which is never great with faster shoes (choose Inov8 Road-X 233and Titan socks), with less cushioning. It was pain, plus headwind in riverside section – my pace drop rice to 4:30. All time I saw Bas up to 200 meters, but gave him bye bye. He did amazingly and could keep, even for his fast start, pace to the finish of the marathon.
During last few kilometer three guys, every from my age category switch me. One of them over speed me just two hundred meters before end. It cost me trophy 5th position in age category 20-29. But it was so pain for me and I was happy cross finish with my PB time 2:48:07 on 24th overall position (from 5318).
Bas as king of the road finish on 19th and 2nd place overall and in senior 30-39 age group, respectively, with amazing time 2:42:35. Congratulations. I was happy see Eva and Aqua; they wait for me in finish. Aqua also was happy to see me and happy lick my salty face.
Also our friend did and their best in half marathon, Erica 1:36:08, just behind Bob with great time 1:36:05. Bob wish is run marathon under 3:25 after few months and qualification for Boston marathon; it will be close, but possible!
Waited two hours for results and after hobbled to our home and took proper rest with some good movies and with hot red wine. Merry Christmas.

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link to results Taipei Fubon Marathon 2014

Full marathon
Bastiaan Bruell 2:42:35 (19th, 2nd)
Petr Novotny 2:48:07 (24th, 6th)

Half marathon
Bob Martinson 1:36:14 (210th, 67th)
Erica Reinhold 1:36:29 (214th, 12nd)

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