Chiaming lake trail run

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First race in higher mountains in Taiwan, Chiaming lake trail run 嘉明湖越野跑. Great runnable trail  to beautiful Tears of the angel 美麗的天使眼淚 with total cumulative elevation gain 2000+ m in altitude between 2350 to 3480 m makes this extraordinary and … Read More

Run from Danshui 淡水 to Yehliu 野柳 (57 km, 8 hours, ↕2500 m)

There was idea run from Danshui on the west sea cost across Yamingshan mountains to Yehliu peninsula. The goal was also run as much as possible on trails, even there are two vulcanos (磺嘴山 and 大尖後山) Unfortunately the trail to … Read More

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