Taipei Fubon Marathon 臺北馬拉松 (Petr 2:48:07, Bas 2:42:35)

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International Fubon Marathon in Taipei, one fastest marathon in Asia, tested how good pacer you are. It was our second flat city marathon and seems everypody improve. Weather was very good, cloudy, but no raining, cold, but no freezing, just … Read More

OtterBox Action Asia X-Trail Taiwan 2014

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“Veni, vidi, vici” also for year 2014. One of the most technical but fun trail race in Taiwan – OtterBox Action Asia X-Trail Taiwan 17 km in Maokong. Hot weather in combination with this difficult trail makes this race really … Read More

20140913 Daily run: Xindian 新店 lost in forest (31.5 km, 4:50, ↕1700 m)

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This should be lazy Saturday run, but it was quite challenge as usually. Explored Xindian mountains with great view of the Taipei. Many groups of angry dogs tested my acceleration. I saw big group of monkeys in forest. On the … Read More