Charming Trail 七星登山王越野挑戰賽 43km

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Many Taiwan Beast Runners participated in Charming Trail 43km, probably shortest ultramarathon. 🙂 But It was long enough with lot vertical meters (gps showed 1700m) on stoned stairway in Yamingshan. NIght raining and high humidity prepared very slippery stones and … Read More

Yamingshan 陽明山: Jiantan 劍潭山 to Xinbeitou 新北投 (40 km, 7 hours, ↕2000 m)

This was one of my first longest runs in Yamingshan, this direction is alsmost only on the trail (forest paths, stairs) out of any traffic. I start from Jiantan mrt 劍潭山and kept direction to 風櫃嘴 which is familiar for many … Read More