Shidin 石碇: Huangdi Dian 皇帝殿 and trails to BBQ with Seediq Bale and Kano (21 km, 5:40, ↑1500 m, ↓1400 m)

Another crazy run was choosen in Huang Di Dian 皇帝殿 and another amazing trails which led to great BBQ with Seedi Bale 賽德克巴萊 and Kano. I was lost few times, but really enjoy difficult and slow pace trip with great views in Shiding district. Nature in this area is really lovely. I came in right time to the BBQ and had really fun and drunk lot of delicious beer from 馬拉桑鮮啤酒. Thanks to 魏德聖 invite us.

Petr & Eva

I really like Shidin, Pingxi, Xizhi, Pinglin districts for their cool trail and also for many small hilly roads. We were invited to BBQ with Seediq Bale and Kano actors and I plan run there form Shiding.

Huand di dian 皇帝殿 rock ridge are great for its view and it is really fun to do it. I stood there moroe then two hours on few kilometers (west 西峰 and east peak 東峰) and then continue straight on the ridge and came down to very hide and willd valley. Finally reach road 南勢坑路 and run on it to the 永定 Yǒngdìng where both soemthing to dring. It was very hot day and I sweated lot.

I just choose some road and trail in right direction and did it. I was little lost trail in dense forest when I climbed up to 雞冠山 Jīguān shān, but this situation are nearly on every my runs. Finally reach small trail up and went up to 雞冠山. Wow, there were so amazing view to the mountains. I really stand there and let thoughts flow out, then sit and just watch around. It was very rush week and I really cleaned my mind in this run, it is great be even alone in these hills.

I continued on dense trail to another peaks 松柏崎 Sōng bǎiqí before I reach road 舊莊街二段, run for a while on it but then saw some flag to forest and jumped to the another crazy trail to 鹿窟崙 Lù kū lú. Very overgrown peak, I just went down and follow very old marks. In one moment took picture and one cute lizard climb to my calf and accommodate there, it was so fun. Then I little scared him and he just run to my second leg. Really beasty running.

Later went behind of Bright Temple 光明寺 Guāngmíngsì which has amazing view. Later on just run down to forest school 森林小學 for BBQ with Seediq Bale and Kano, but again saw some mark and run up to amazing peak with more amazing view (sunset there must be great, I dint wait fo it) 十三分出 Shísān fēn ch. Then just run down on some trail and luckily came directly to the school.

Eva was already there and two big pigs on spit and great draw beer 馬拉桑鮮啤酒. It was great time with all actors from Seediq Bale 賽德克巴萊 and new movie KANO. We had really fun with them and I drunk lot of beer (next morning went run and didn’t have headache). Thank you directors 魏德聖 and 馬志祥 for invite us. Keep going!

CH 中文 comment of Eva (BBQ with Seediq Bale and Kano):

中 秋節特別活動: 揆違兩年,真的非常感謝魏德聖導演及所屬電影團隊(果子)招待期下三部電影(包含:海角七號,賽德克巴萊及KANO)演員們,烤乳豬&馬拉桑鮮啤 酒大派對,很開心可以近距離看到螢幕前的偶像明星們:田中千繪,范奕成,馬志祥導演,馬導演漂亮明星女友,馬如龍,KANO年輕帥氣的演員等,還有我認識 及一同共識的賽德克巴萊朋友們~ 馬拉桑鮮啤酒真的是我在台灣喝過最好喝的啤酒,信義鄉農會酒莊(梅子夢工廠)的新產品, 酒精度5%, 第一道新鮮的麥汁, 沒有過濾一道新鮮的麥汁完全不添加任何防腐劑含有豐富的活菌酵母,酸酸甜甜的味道,唇齒留香,感覺有些蜂蜜的鮮甜味,連續喝了七大杯,隔天也不覺得宿醉, 可見釀酒的品質真的很好,聽說信義葡萄馬會有,期待再次嚐味! 謝謝魏導,期待下次的聚會^_^
Seediq bale director  魏德聖
Kano director 馬志祥 (more picture below)
another famous guy 🙂 🙂


Shidin 石碇 → 皇帝殿西峰 Huángdì diàn xīfēng → 皇帝殿東峰 Huángdì diàn dōngfēng → 玉京山 Yù jīngshān → crazy valley → 永定 Yǒngdìng → 雞冠山Jīguān shān 420 → 松柏崎 Sōng bǎiqí 437 → 鹿窟崙 Lù kū lún 528 → Bright Temple 光明寺 Guāngmíngsì → 十三分出 Shísān fēn chū → Forest school 森林小學 Sēnlín xiǎoxué and BBQ with Seediq Bale and Kano

This is window to my diary, should works fine on computer:

First pictures from Seediq Bale and Kano BBQ:

馬拉桑鮮啤酒 and  魏德聖 selfie
Eva Lobo with next but no last cup of 馬拉桑鮮啤酒
roast suckling pig 烤乳豬
teacher of aboriginal language 郭明正
范奕臣, Eva Lobo, 羅美玲
with happy family of 林世嘉
actors of 海角七號
with 范奕臣
Eva Lobo and Petr Novonty
Eva and 魏德聖


Shidin 石碇

Huangdi Dian 皇帝殿 obstacles

玉京 Yù jīngshān

no good selfie
this is the start of crazy no-trail in valley, but enjoy
trail run
go to 南勢坑路
on 南勢坑路
really thirsty, they didnt sell water

永定 Yǒngdìng

polypore, 多孔菌 (Choroš)
amazing view from 雞冠
amazing view back from 雞冠山 to Huangdi Dian 皇帝殿

雞冠Jīguān shān 420

松柏Sōng bǎiqí 437

鹿窟崙 Lù kū lún 528

somebody has lizard tattoo on calf, I have lizard. mark of Beast ®
somebody has lizard tattoo on calf, I have lizard. mark of Beast ®
I like these statue – welcome to Shidin 石碇
 Bright Temple 光明寺 Guāngmíngsì

Bright Temple 光明寺 Guāngmíngsì

Bright Temple 光明寺 Guāngmíngsì

go up to 十三分出 Shísān fēn chū

十三分出 Shísān fēn chū

十三分出 Shísān fēn chū

十三分出 Shísān fēn chū

十三分出 Shísān fēn chū

trail to Forest school 森林小學 Sēnlín xiǎoxué

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