Run Yingge trails with Aqua 鶯歌登山步道 (14 km, 2:35, ↕900 m)

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We took our puppy Aqua for her first longer trail run. Yingge trails are great for dog runs. Aqua was really great. Loves trail running with all obstacles and even waited for slower runners. We enjoy this Saturday morning. Look forward next trips with Aqua.

Petr, Eva, 何若君 & Aqua

Our friend 何若君 suggested Yingge 歌登山步道 hiking trails as great for dogs, and she was right. We took train to 鶯歌 Yīng gē station. The trails start just no so far, but start was on very steep stairs. Seems only us had problem, no Aqua, with overheating. We put down our jacket, these days is really cold in Taipei.

I made running dress for Aqua and she was like fired bullet when she run. She often waited for slower girls, but also followed me in some uphill sprinting. Ignored big group of homeless dogs and continued.

The trails there are really very clear and smooth for run with dog. I can suggest for another owners of dog. We run up to first peak 望湖山 Wàng Hú shān (there is huge tree, hundreds years old, so amazing) and then found smaller bamboo trail to next peak with small Buddha chapel 石灰坑山 Shíhuī Kēng shān.

From up run to the asphalt road and on it next two km to trail entry to 大棟山 Dà Dòng shān 405 m. We sped up down across small peak 大同山 Dàtóng shān to some market place close to 青龍嶺 Qīnglóng lǐng. So great place, can buy some refreshment, if you dare singing KTV with local pensioner or just take massage.

Take look from 青龍嶺 Qīnglóng ling on Taipei and continued down to Nan Liao Fude temple 南寮福德宮. Temple has some toboggans, but now water in. For Aqua was better then walking down on stairways.

This could be nearly y end of story, but Eva had idea (she saw me slide on shoes) slide with Aquan on toboggan on her bottom. So good, result was big hole in her running pants, on her bottom. HAHA

It was first 14km of great trail running for our puppy Aqua. She was so great and we enjoy Saturday morning. Sunday was also great; I was first man in and Aqua FBI (First Bitch In) in China Hash in Shipai. Aqua has to relax now and will run little less with her; she is still growing up puppy. But has great potential for trail running…


Yingge hiking trails, 鶯歌登山步道:
鶯歌 Yīng gē station →
望湖山 Wàng Hú shān (very old tree) →
石灰坑山 Shíhuī Kēng shān (small Buddha chapel) →
大棟山 Dà Dòng shān 405 m→
大同山 Dàtóng shān →
青龍嶺 Qīng Lóng lǐng (market place) →
南寮福德宮 Nán liáo fú dé gōng (temple with toboggan) →
樹林 Shù Lín station

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more pictures in album: 20141213_Aqua trail run from Yingge to Shulin st

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  1. rockwejh
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    Super Dog!

  2. Shawn W.
    | Reply

    Nice trail! Gonna go there this weekend and run it with my girlfriend, seems ‘friendly + clear’ enough =)

    • Taiwan Beast Runners
      | Reply

      Definitely one of the most cleaned around Taipei, enjoy.

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