Run from Danshui 淡水 to Yehliu 野柳 (57 km, 8 hours, ↕2500 m)

There was idea run from Danshui on the west sea cost across Yamingshan mountains to Yehliu peninsula. The goal was also run as much as possible on trails, even there are two vulcanos (磺嘴山 and 大尖後山)
Unfortunately the trail to these vulcanos was closed and I found another way how to go closer but it cost bigger effort. First ten kilometers and last c. 15 kilometers were run on the non atractive road. It was 57.5 km during 8:10. Next time will cover this direction on the trails.


Dànshuǐ yú rén mǎtóu 淡水漁人碼頭 – Datun golf field 大屯球場 –  Beixin Rd  北新路 – gate to Lycoris Park 金花石蒜園區牌樓 – trail entry  淡水大溪7號 跤頭趺崙步道入口 – Baraka rd  巴拉卡公路 (afte 巴拉卡 go up) – Èrzishān 二子山 884 masl – SEven pools Qīxīng chí 七星池 – back to Baraka road 巴拉卡公路 –  go up to trail after few km – Qíng tiān gǎng 擎天崗 (free hot spring) – Qíng tiān gǎng 擎天崗 (grass land) – (trail to 磺嘴山 and 大尖後山 closed) – later go to forest on 杏林山旁草原 – to Ruì quán lù 瑞泉路 (fish farm) – follow river up around – Dà jiānshān 大尖山 837 masl – trail 富士坪古道 – elementary school  xiǎoxué 小學 –  士坪古道入口 – Wankan Rd  萬崁路 – Wànlǐ cūn 萬里村 – beach – Yeliou 野柳 – park 湾 野柳地质公园

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from Danshui 淡水 to Yehliu 野柳
very boring ten kilometer under Yamingshan, later around golf club
Danshui 淡水
Danshui 淡水beach
trail start after this gate
杏林山旁草原 go to forest

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