RaidLight Stairmaster (22 km, 3:28, ↕2200 ) and HK Run for Nepal

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Another great 48 hours in Hong Kong: Run very tough race RaidLight Stairmaster (22km, 2200 D+) in Lanratu and got 4th place despite my detour to Sunset Peak (so I can say I was there). Met many nice people and on Sunday run for Nepal 13km across Needle Hill, with camera for Asia Trail magazine.

Raidlight Stairmaster_008

RaidLight Stairmaster

I camped just few hundred meters from start of race, and anjoied nigh view to Mui Wo and morning view to Sunset Peak in clouds. Relatively small race, but very tough. Run in Lantau Trail across Sunset Peak and Lantau Peak and back. So you have to climb up four times steep, but also run it down (I think this is worse in HK). I choose it, because it is similar to our HILL Runner series and really enjoy this race. We were lucky that hot and humid weather changed after half hour to cloudy and humid. I took it easy, but got third position before Sunset Peak and there was my great detour, nobody told me that we will actually not climb up to Sunset Peak (and I remembered the turn), but just run on nice trail under. The trails on top and down are no nice and it is additional 80 m in vertical, with looking for right way from top it took me more than 10 minutes.

Raidlight Stairmaster_005When I return to trail I was far from my original postion, on the top of Lantau Peak catch first woman Zein WIlliams and she paced me on the steepest descent to turn poin in Ngogn Ping. We met Clement Dumont hunted by Kawai Kawai, but his experience kept him in his great pace and he won in new course record 3:05, very far from rest.Raidlight Stairmaster_003

reach Sunset

I took back 4th position on Lantau Peak, but Jacky was fast in downhills and I stop pushed and just kept my speed and enjoy (just kidding it was painful) run down on trails. Back in bbq park in Nam Shan after 3:28. Organizers (actually Clement) gave me prize for my detour on Sunset peak, how nice. Wery good mood in race and after, talked with many old and new friends.

4thEven this race is very small, and in Taiwan will called free style, because no podium, big ceremony, no medals, no certificated, no tshirts. But pain and satisfaction was available for everybody with beer and snack as well. Thank you Lantau Base Camp for organize this and Raidlight for sponsoring. If you look for satisfaction and not ultramarathon I recommended this race.

Raidlight Stairmaster_007

HK Run for Nepal

I  had nice afternoon with friends and settled on couch of Asia Trail office  :). I really didnt expect will run next day again, we went to race Hong Kong Run for Nepal. It was so nice, over thousand people donate Nepal and came in hot day run for. I run with GoPro toy and make some nice shots from earth and Clement with drone from air. I run all 13 km with few kilometer on front position. It was quite hard after yesterday, but I really enjoy runners around and make shots of them.

HK Run for Nepal

It was not easy course, it went up around o Needle Hill 針山 532 m and back to Shing Mun Reservoir. Very hot morning but in HK is not problem start 10am race. Afternoon flied back to Taiwan. Thank you everybody over there. See you soon.

needle hill


official website of event:


Nam Shan 150m → under Sunset Peak (not up to peak as me) 800m → Pak Kunk 340m → Lantau Peak 934m → Ngong Ping arch 145m → all back (22km, over 2200m D+)

map, gps


Map of run (window to RunningAHEAD diary)

More Pictures and source of photos:

Lantau Base Camp FB


XTE Challenge Series FB

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