Puli 埔里: Stream sky climbing and Phontenkom half marathon 埔里奉天宮三山國王盃路跑賽

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Nice weekend in Puli – great weather, we run road half marathon on Sunday and on Saturday I couldn’t withstand do relax and went explore stream nearby. It was not so smart climb 800+ m before road race. But it was cool. Race was nice with no steep uphill, but it was quick excursion  on south of Puli. Thank you.

Petr & Eva & Aqua

We love staying in Puli, where Eva cames from. There is usually very nice weather even when in Taipei are humid and raining. We planed run Puli Phontenkom half marathon 埔里奉天宮三山國王盃路跑賽 on Sunday. It is smart do some relax activity, but I really wanted go somewhere to explore – I choose stream just in mountains behind house.
I run up there in mountain last summer and it was very impressive (about here: Where Eagles Dare) and I wanted check the stream under. Didn’texpect that I will start in 600 m and will climb up to 1250 m in screes of river and climb few small waterfalls.
I will not describe it so much (also not recommended so much, because it is not trail and upper part seems quite unstable). But there are two branches of river in middle part.

I went first to the left one and had to climb up to small waterfall and the walk in narrow gorge. On the end was triple cascade waterfall. I tried climb up, but everything was very slippery. Even I could go more up, go down will be nearly impossible (maybe with rope next time).

Ok went back, but instead of go back home take rest decide go more up in bigger right branch. There were not big problem in first part, juste steeper ascent on bigger stones.

Up Up Up, then I check watch and saw that I was already in 1200 m in very narrow pass up. I look around and sit for few minutes and enjoy the view and peace in this place. I climb little up to 1250 m and then decided really went back.

I guess how far I was from top, actually not so far – but still 200 m of ascent. Probably there have to be some way go up, but it will be story for next year. Took rest for road half marathon on Sunday (below).


Phontenkom half marathon 埔里奉天宮三山國王盃路跑賽

Sunday: It was our first race in Puli and we wanted run it. Half marathon on road, after season of trail running, will examine our body. Ha it was no bad, I got 6th position and Eva 7th. I still have big space for improve in this distance (ha, should do trail run day before).

It was again nice weather, even was quite chilly before start. Run was on the roads on south of Puli and you could saw some big temples around the direction. There were even little uphill (no steep, but together around 100 m in middle part), many farms around and forest path before finish.


Eva’smother didn’t run this time, but she cared about our puppy aqua (puppy begins pretty fast) I finish at 1:17:19 and I went with Aqua for Eva and she finish 2:00:04. The start and place was in nice temple, no bad food and even could rise some money prize or great chocolate and cake pack from Feeling18巧克力 (it is really best chocolate and ice cream in Taiwan).

Enjoy morning after race, talk with other runners and then quickly pack our stuff and went to Taichung 台中 for family trip to 新社花海 Xīn shè huā hǎi, flower exhibition and very big fields of different flowers. And food in market. I was so tired, so busy weekend.

CH 中文 comment of Eva:




男生組的,前幾名都是從台北成淵高中的體育組學生,聽說他們都是訓練中的國手,Petr成績1小時17分,總6,也沒破他的PR,不過開心完成了比賽,主辦單位準備很多吃吃喝喝的,有我很愛的18度C巧克力,明年的賽道聽說會有比較多的高低落差,還會跑到地理中心碑上,很期待!:) (

This is window to my diary for Stream sky climb:

This is window to my diary for Puli Phontenkom half marathon 埔里奉天宮三山國王盃路跑賽:


more pictures in album: 20141122/23_Puli stream climb and Phontenkom Road Race

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