Puli 埔里: 小出山 Small mountains, 惠蓀林場 Huisun (13 km, 5 hours, ↕1400 m)

It was nice sunny day and I planed this easy trip in 惠蓀林場 Huisun Forest. I personaly like these hills, forest here is more dry in higher altitude.

Petr & Eva

We park our can on 8 km of road 山林巷 before gate to Huisun forest recreation area 惠蓀林場 Huì sūn línchǎng. Go little back and start ascent in woods (from here). It is ascent from c. 500 masl to 1709 masl on 小出山 Xiǎo chūshān (Small mountains). The are few nice views to Puli.

Forest here is situated in higher altitude and it is usualy dry and very similar to forest in europe which I know. From 小出山 are few ways, on is even back to Puli (I still din‵t run this, but was on 關刀山 Guān dāo shān from souther side) and one down to Huishan recreation area 惠蓀林場. After few kilomerters of descent you reach monument (from some university) and then is no so far to recreation are where is also small shop. We walk little there and then stop car back to our car. The entry to this area with car cost arou 100 NTD for car and person.
On the east of Huisun is very great Beigang Canyon with hot spring on the end (easy 10 km and 10 km backk), but I will describe it next time.


park car on 8 km of 山林巷 road get to 惠蓀林場 – 小出山 Xiǎo chūshān (Small mountains) – 惠蓀林場 Huì sūn línchǎng

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o 小出山 Xiǎo chūshān (Small mountains) — Huisun forest reccreation area惠蓀林場
start of trail from here
look back
nice view
the forest in this altitude is already very dry
 小出山 is also crossroad
 小出山 1709 masl
everything is danger 🙂
good map in Chinese for this area

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