Puli 埔里: 橫屏山 Heng Ping Shan, 獅凸魯山 Shi Tu Lu Shan, 舊武界越山 Jiu Wu Jie Yue Shan, (31 km, 6.5 hours, ↕2000 m)

How amazing mountains, just behind Evas house in Puli. I really enjoy be there. Very impresive landslide and with amazing view to Puli and valey of mountains is unforgettable. Will have to go back there again – where eagles dare.

The ascent of this trip starts close farm with rooster (this road from Puli hospital). The ascent is on paved road and it is quite long, but I liked it, because on 11 km did 1000 m elevation when I reached 橫屏山 Héng píng shān in altitude 1508 m. The road lead around two very nice houses and bamboo forest. Before peak is amazing view to Puli.
Close to 橫屏山 is end of the paved road and you have to jump to the bush and figth little with the vegetation, this time I dress up my trausers. I didn`t have big problem to find flag, but the trail leads in forest with many fallen bamboo. In one ridge can see Sun Moon surrounded by mountains, how amazing.
I reach big crossroad in forest ( there were some bottles from workes), I think it calls 獅凸魯山 Shī tū lǔshān 1587 masl. I continued to north, to the sound can go Wujie Industry Rd. And again little lost in bamboo forest. I expected some landslide (here), but this was amazing. First moment very scaried by the high and open space, but then enjoy the amazing view to the valey and another impressive land slide on opposite side (where I will walk later). I really enjoy this moment, be here out of any influence of civilization, just eagle flied around. Walk around the chasm and still watch the valey under me. 
After no long time in forest I went out in opposite side of the valey above the landslide and saw clift which I visited ago. The walking in next forest was little more difficult for orientation, because less trail and no visible flags, but the forest was nice. I reach 武界越山 (主峰) Wǔ Jiè Yuè Shān (zhǔ fēng, peak) 1524 m and after was again little lost in forest (search for any mark, but could find and then follow some hunter/animal path), actually little more but I was on peak 舊武界越山 half year ago (story here) and try kept right direction and really found right trail.
Finally reach 舊武界越山 Jiù Wǔ Jiè Yuè Shān 1668 m, I continued on trail which I already did but on the crossroad (1580 m) went to the north instead of east (it is goes to nice waterfall, but very crazy descent). The marking was amazing, because some group renew the flag marking and I could even run in this trail. I enjoy final descent so much, kept fast speed down between trees. 

I came to the some grass road and it was still quite high, the run down on it was amazing and pretty fast. Just last part was very overgrown by high grass and I little worried snakes and for these reason jumped as goat :). (two day after I run another direction but same descent, I really saw some black tube in grass and later 1.5 m snake on the road, probably Taiwan Habu). 

Finally reach first hous and run down on the road, back to Puli. It was very hot outside of trail and I choose run back in the river with nice cold water. I spent seven hours on this trail and did 31 km. It is amazing, because this mountains are really just behind the Evas house in Puli.


Puli (hospital) 埔里 (醫院) – 橫屏山 Héng píngshān 1508 m- 獅凸魯山 Shī tū lǔshān 1587 m-

武界越山 (主峰) Wǔ Jiè Yuè Shān (zhǔ fēng) 1524 m – 舊武界越山 Jiù Wǔ Jiè Yuè Shān  1668 m –  Puli

map, gpx

This is window to my diary, should works fine on computer:


rooster farm, follow up this road
I just read the book Eat and Run 🙂
just watch the white FREE birds on the trees
have very nice weather
my imagination of house in Canada
view back
bamboo forest
here is small crossroad, I continued right, to the left is very small trail
view back, to the road up and Puli
nearly end of the road
reach peak after 11km and 1000 m of ascent, 橫屏山 Heng Ping Shan 1508 masl
橫屏山 Heng Ping Shan 1508 masl
and this is really end of road and start of trail…
trail, I took trouser this time
view to south, on the right is Sun Moon lake
no easy move here
Sun Moon lake
mountains on the south
not sure but this crossroad is around 獅凸魯山 Shi Tu Lu Shan
I was little lost in this bamboo forest
very impressive view to landslide and valey
try do some selfie, behind me c. 400 m wall
with amazing clouds
Where eagles dare (eagle is in the left corn)
where eagles dare and Petr respect
hunters shelter
this was not easy to find in forest, it is marking
find trail
nice bamboo
武界越山 (主峰) Wǔ Jiè Yuè Shān (zhǔ fēng) 1524 m
I had enough water, but only this is one source of raining water
bamboo man
舊武界越山 Jiu Wu Jie Yue Shan
舊武界越山 Jiu Wu Jie Yue Shan, went to the trail on north
crossroad, I went north 北 Běi. last time were here and went 東 dōng to one nice waterfall
(north 北 běi, south 南 nán, east 東 dōng, west 西 xī)
very crazy, but very hood run down
this is paved road and it was amaizng run down on it
just in lower part was very ovegrown by grass
choose river for go back in this hot weather
COOL trip, thank you

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