Puli 埔里: 埋石山 Buried Rock Hill, 舊武界越山 Jiy wu yue shan, 舊宅 old house, 彩蝶瀑布 Butterfly Fall (19 km, 7 hours, ↕1400 m)

This was trip with my girl friend Eva. It was December and we start walk in cold morning, but the walking up and great weather (usually in Puli) heated us very well. The trail was in very dense forest and it was little difficult find right direction. On the end visit great Butterfly waterfall.

Petr & Eva

We start walk from the main road from Puli to Wushe 埔里往霧社 Bùlǐ wǎng wù shè on 67th km. We walk up c. 8 km and reach tea farms close to peak 埋石山 Mái shíshān (Buried Rock Hill). From there the trail begun more difficult and dense and we had to be carefull for searching the flags.

The forest was quite dry and different from the usual forest in Taipei, we walk toward to 舊武界越山 Jiù wǔ jiè yuèshān. The trail from there was more and more dense and we walk very slow in the forest. From the three fork crossroad 三岔路 Sān chàlù we went to east (left) down to the 彩蝶瀑布 Cǎi dié pùbù (Butterfly Falls).

The descent were overgrowed with bamboo and different plants, somewhere we have to use liana (some free long root) to climb down on the soil. After few very confusing and easy lost parts we reach very impresiv lanslide (崩塌 Bēngtā) and nearby old hunter house (舊宅 Jiù zhái). From there the trail started run down sharply to 彩蝶瀑布 Cǎi dié pùbù (Butterfly Falls).

We met old aboriginal hunter who set old style traps for small animals. Some aboriginal people still keep hunting in these forest by different kind of trap (triget wood branch or even metal spring), or by some rifle. The aboriginal knife (Truku / Atayal Knife) is necessary as well.

After next crazy descent finally reach nice stream of rive and walk little upstream for amazing Butterfly Fall (彩蝶瀑布 Cǎi dié pùbù), close to the main road on 64.8 km. It was nice trip, but on very dense trail. First 8 km walk on the road and next 11 km on the trail. Have gps with track is good idea. There are few corssroad with also amazing trails whích I also visited, but about next time.


road Puli to Wushe 埔里往霧社 on 67km → up 8km  on road to 埋石山 Mái shíshān (Buried Rock Hill) → 舊武界越山 Jiù wǔ jiè yuèshān → 三岔路 Sān chàlù (Three forks – go east) → 舊宅 Jiù zhái (old house) close to 崩塌 Bēngtā (lanslide) → 彩蝶瀑布 Cǎi dié pùbù (Butterfly Falls)

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埋石山 Mái shíshān (Buried Rock Hill) – 舊武界越山 Jiù wǔ jiè yuèshān – 彩蝶瀑布 Cǎi dié pùbù (Butterfly Falls), 19 km
28th December 2013, was cold at the morning
up up around the river
南豐村 Nán fēng cūn (Nan Fung village)
埋石山 Buried Rock Hill
hunters shelter
舊武界越山 Jiy wu yue shan
the trail was veery hide, have to be carefull and look for flags
very difficult trail back to the waterfall
三岔路 Sān chàlù (Three forks – go east)
difficult descent to waterfall
崩塌 Bēngtā (lanslide)
舊宅 Jiù zhái (old house)
old aboriginal hunter
竹子 Zhúzi (bamboo)
Eva felt…
彩蝶瀑布 Cǎi dié pùbù (Butterfly Falls)

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