Puli 埔里: Beigang Canyon 北港溪峽谷 (21 km, 3 hours)

Beigang Canyon 北港溪峽谷 is really great place for easy run within amazing canyon. On the end of unpaved road is nice hot spring bath. You will love this easy run between high walls.

Petr & Eva

We drove our car to the recreation area Huisun 惠蓀林場 which we visit alredy (trip here), the entry is aroun 100 NTD per car and per person. We park in lower part of the turistic area. And then find small road up to the gate to the Beigang Canyon 北港溪峽谷. Sure it is closed for the visitor.

There is no any problem in orientation, just follow upstream of the river. There is not much elevation and go to the end (there is small house and before hot spring bath) is just 10 km of easy run.

I explore little left branch of the river as well, but will need more time go more deep and will be more challenge. And it should be possible reach some water fall (大轉折支流口). The right branche of river goes from Lixing village 力行村 and I am not sure that it can be done, maybe but with swimming for sure.

map, gps

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Beigang Canyon 北港溪峽谷
turn from the main road to the gate to canyon
close for visitor…
road down to the canyon
the canyon begun more narrow
there is probably some mine (the hole) and only one way is the horizontal cut in wall, which looks really crazy
beautiful run
it is not Wilson from movie Cast Away, but here is the hotspring bath
we will take bath later
hot spring bath
friction cimbing
right branche of river to Lixin village (maybe in future will try it)
go to left branche of rive for little exploring
left, I jsut walk few hundred meters, but it is possible go more deep
nice cool water
nice hot water
great hotspring
very naughty jung boy, visit the father of Mona Rudao (I really like his voice) from movie Seediq Bale (below on YouTube)

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