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Spent five busy days with NTU T&F team in Japan. Visited many nice tourist places and found time for some early morning runs in Fukuoka and did friendly run with Japanese student of Kyushu university. Last day did very long trail run (in different article). Thank you NTU teams for fun and great company.

We spent five very busy days and nights in Japan. First day kicked our ass after 4 am and run in the sleeping Fukuoka. After great breakfast in Hilton hotel (close to Fukuoka dome) we visited places as atomic bombing museum in Nagasaki, residence of Thomas Blake Glover, amazing boat tour between 99 small island 九十九島 – Kyujuukyu shima, great aquarium exhibition with jellyfish and pearls. Very busy day.

Second day wake up to the raining in Saga and after 16 km of quite boring run in this flat city went to temple area with very old trees. Afternoon met with Japanese athletic team from Kyushu university. I tested them on the back run from the beach, it was great run with young Japanese guys with great possibility for marathons (6 km with hill on the end under 23 minutes, ugh this shuld be my flat marathon pace in future). Day was finished with crazy drinking with NTU Rugby team, they are crazy and very funny big guys.

Third day was more lazy but we still wake up for 11 km run in the Fukuoka hilly parks. At the morning visited national rugby team – Coca Cola West Red Spark (NTU rugby team will visit their match, where will be defeated) and then did shopping in Fukuoka, brrrr.

Fourth day spent lot of time in bus and visited very long bridge Kanmon 関門橋 to another island Yamaguchi, there visited very importan place where where was helding peace confrence between Qing Dynasty of China and Meiji Japan after Sino-Japanese War and peace treaty were signed in 1895 here. After eat in fish market very delicious Sushi and could try pufferfish moved to hot spring town Yufuin which is lying under vulacno Mt. Yufu 由布岳, I didn’t prepare map to there, but found amazing trail up and visited cute peak nearby.

Fifth day was again shopping day but I left for very long run in mountains close to Fukuoka and tasted very small part of 2500 km long Kyushu Nature Trail, separate article about this long run here in section significant.

It was nice experience visit the most safety country in Asia. Every trips were well organized and we also tried not only Japanese great cuisine. I enjoyed Japan lot, did few cool runs at the morning with my colleagues, one fast run up under vulcano Yufu and tasted long trail run in Japan. Thank you, ありがとう Arigatō.

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all pictures in album also here: Japan 日本 Traveling and Daily runs


 First day:

This is map of our morning run in Fukuoka:

Second day:

This is map of second day morning run in raining Saga:

This is map of group training with Japanese Kyushu Úniversity students (6 km with hill under 23 minutes):

Third day:

Fourth day:

This is map of fourth day morning run:

This is map of short but steep run under vulcano Yufu:

Fift day in Japan 日本: Fukuoka 福岡市 – Kyushu Nature Trail 九州自然歩道 (61 km, 10:00, ↕2900 m)

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