Japan 日本: Fukuoka 福岡市 – Kyushu Nature Trail 九州自然歩道 (61 km, 10:00, ↕2900 m)

First time tasted long trail run in Japan. Tastes no bad, smoot trails with many hills was main menu for my running day. Nice weather, no humid like in Taiwan and forests are more similar to Czech one. Enjoyed it alot.

Lost at the beginning

As usually wanted start run as soon as possible because you never know which problem you will have to solve. Take train from center of Fukuoka to the station Asakura Gaido on the south. I was little lost in the city on the start and then even lost on trail in forest, because wanted save battery in my tablet. But it was great morning, when I first came to the forest one big wild big welcomed me by grunting, I didn’t understood, probably Japanese animal version of hello – Kon’nichiwa.


Oh, the drive on the left

Lost already more then hour by finding correct direction, but finally reach road in very nice valley. Few cars went around me and then I realized that I should change side of road to the right, because they are instaled steering wheel on the right in Japan (as in England, India, Australia, New Zeland, South of Africa, etc.), it means the middle road line is every time on your right hand, and car on left on the road, how complicated. I saw the smallest fire truck ever, it was bigger version of some beatle, I really wonder where is the all the equipment or even some water tank, but surprisingly six Japanese fire men form a crew car.


Very runnable trail, I have to run lost in forest

Finally reach entry to the trail, actuall I run very short part of Kyushu Nature Trail, which has more then 2500 km and 186 km in elevation on this island, wow. Follow the trail was very clear, but this time didn’t care so much and few times choose wrong direction or just walked freely in forest or stream, which is impossible in Taiwan. I reached few peaks and one with cool watchtower was 九千部山 Mt. Kesunbu. It was quite cloudy, but I could see huge city Fukuoka spread under the hills. Then run many kiometers on very soft trail to the 坂本峠 Sakamoto Pass. I was nearly out of water and then appeared chanell with nice cold water – Hamagurisuidou water channe. I took water without any filtration, was so nice cold.


Conquests of Mt. Sefuri with military base

Continued on the tops of mountains and my goal was highest peak of this mountains, 脊振山 Mt. Sefuri 1055 m. Of course run off course, I miss turn on it and run few hundred meters down and back. There are many vending machines in Japan and I really wished one with cold Coke under this peak. I was really so happy when I saw the red box with the drinks, my wish has been fulfilled. Shit, next time will have to define my wish more – working machine, putting money in but machines is out of service. Ok, lets go up to Mt. Sefuri. Around is some military base and on the top some satellites and old cemetery, this combination is quite strange. It was quite cloudy, but could see mountains around and nice lake under. I had to make decision if I will continue on the top of hills or will run down. I already run around 40 km and was not sure that I can run next 40-50 km on the top to the west, I decided run down and maybe run some peaks to Fukuoka or just take some public.


Enjoy run, but still watch where you step

Run down was very enjoyable because it was in and around stream bed. Few times just stop and sipped from the stream, already little tired but my mood was multiplied by this feeling. After few kilometers of running down reach scenic valley with few houses and rice fields, automatically decided run more across the hill. I found some overgrown trail in forest and finally did what I usually do in Taiwan, fight with flora. I was quite fast on another side of this forest and came to very huge rice field area. Oh, how good, there were working drink machine, drink some ugly but cold drink on two times. Then run more then kilometer between gree rice field and really enjoy these views around, enjoyed and nearly step on small snake, probably some Japanese venomous Habu. Little play with it and the continue with run.


Reason run next peak? No reason!

Finish run now and wait for some bus or run across next hills directly to metro? It means have to climb from 100 m to 597 m, already tired but did decision go up. Introduction was asphalt forest road and on its end was very very steep trail up to 油山山頂 Yuyama 597 m. I was surprise that I found even energy be little faster. Finally reach Yuyama peak and watch the Fukuoka under, amazing view. Had good talk with Drew who lives in Fukuoka and later on continued run on very fast trail down to Fukuoka, straight to the subway close Fukuoka University. The trail was really great and I was very quickly down. Metro was full of student in uniformed uniforms as usually in Japan.

Hope see you soon

It was my first taste of Japan trail and I know that I would like come next time for some ultra race. Trail there are very fine and very different from the Taiwanese trails. I had lucky for weather, because day before was really strong raining. Around 61 km with nearly 3000 m of gain elevation of Japanese road and trails is written to my mind. Return to hotel room and lay in hot bath with sushi boat and Asahi beer… See you

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Asakura Gaido Sta. → 天拝湖 Tempai Dam Lake → (Kyushu Nature Trail) → 九千部山 Mt. Kusenbu 848 m → 石谷山 Mt. Ishidaniayama → 坂本峠 Sakamoto Pass → Hamagurisuidou water channel → 脊振山 Mt. Sefuri 1055 m → 矢筈峠 Yahazu Pass → 早良区 椎原 Siiba → Wakiyama → 荒平山山頂 Arahirayama → 油山山頂 Yuyama 597 m → 福岡大学 Fukuoka University Sta.

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all pictures in albbum also here: Japan 日本: Fukuoka 福岡市 – Kyushu Nature Trail 九州自然歩道


Asakura Gaido
天拝湖 Tempai Dam Lake
six men in this? welcome to Japan
九千部山 Mt. Kusenbu 848
yes, make sense
石谷山 Mt. Ishidaniayama
坂本峠 Sakamoto Pas
under Mt. Sefuri
thre red machine didnt work :/
phone cabin as for 007
 脊振山 Mt. Sefuri 1055
Kyushu Nature Trail
 矢筈峠 Yahazu Pass
funny run down
 早良区 椎原 Siib
Haleluja this machines worked
watch your steps
view to Fukuoka
good bye

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