Short Explanation

  • Register via Taiwan Beast Runners registration system:
    • Fill up personal details, category, sponsors products, etc.
    • Submit
    • Confirm Registration >>
    • Payment Overview – choose your payment option and click on ‘Complete your Registration‘ in red field
  • Pay
    • if you pay via PayPal/Creditcard = registration complete
    • ATM/bank transfer – pay to TBR account in Taiwan and upload proof of payment

Name on Account: 台灣跑山獸工作室
Account Number: 0554-940-006524
Financial Institution: E. Sun (808)

  • you will Receive email after registration (check SPAM)
    • only for ATM/bank transfer: copy your Registration ID (eg. 10-56bfede9f1836)
    • only for ATM/bank transfer: prepare last five digits of your account number (eg. 98765)
    • only for ATM/bank transfer: Upload Your Proof of Payment with your Registration ID:
  • Registration Complete
    • you should receive confirmation email within 2-3 days (when payment and registration will be manualy paired)
    • your name will be in Complete list of participant (if list available)
    • If you still receiving payment notification emails and you did upload proof of Payment, please contact us


  • 報名透過跑山獸報名系統:
    • 請填寫個人詳細資料,參賽組別,是否選購贊助商產品…等
    • 同意 Submit
    • 確認報名 Confirm Registration
    • 付款-選擇付款選項,並且點選在”完成報名”Complete your Registration
  • 付款
    • 如果透過PayPal/信用卡付款,意指報名完成
    • ATM/銀行轉帳- 直接匯款到台灣跑山獸帳戶,並請上傳繳款證明

帳戶: 台灣跑山獸工作室
帳號: 0554-940-006524
金融機構:玉山銀行 (808)

  • 報名完成後,將會收到email通知(如果沒有收到email,請確認垃圾信箱)
  • 報名完成
    • 將在2到3天,收到email確認信件(我們使用人工比對方式確認付款及報名資料)
    • 報名名字將會顯示在完成付款參賽名單裡(Completed (paid)
    • 如果仍然收到付款通知email信件,並且已經上傳繳款證明,請與我們聯絡~


Detailed Explanation

  1. Get interest
  2. Event list of Taiwan Beast Runners

  3. Click on Register for certain event
    how register_01
  4. Below basic information can find:
    • Official Website of event (if exist)
    • Facebook event (convenient for keep in touch)
    • 參賽者名單 Participant List: SHOW/HIDE
    • 上載付款證明 UPLOAD Your Proof of Payment (for pair your registration with bank transaction) (important step after receive email)
    • Social media share button, start time, and date of event
      how register_02
    • Fill up your personal data and choose category/distance, shirts size, etc.
    • Please note we need your ENGLISH NAME (名字 – 請以英語拼音輸入) and SURNAME (姓氏 -請以英語拼音輸入) and NATIONALITY (國籍) for ITRA results
    • You will receive confirmation emails to email in this form
    • Don’t hesitate order sponsors products for special price during registration
    • If you will fill lst five digits of your bank account it will help us identify transation, but still can Upload Your Proof of Payment
    • You will have to AGREE with Term and conditions and follow mandatory equipment and recommendations of event (please do it, some of our event has special needs)
    • It is possible register group with Add More Attendees below registration form
    • SUBMIT all data and will relink to Verify Registration page
      how register_03
  6. Verify Registration
    1. Control your personal details and take look on Total Price
    2. Confirm Registration >> (not last step)
      how register_04
  7. Payment Overview
    • Please see Your Registration ID, you have to Upload Your Proof of Payment with this Registration ID
    • Please choose payment option
      1. Online via PayPal/Credit card you will be redirect to PayPal – choose way to pay (additional fee 4.5%):
        • With your PayPal
        • ‘Don’t have PayPal’= by credit card… (various by credit card country)
      2. Off-line Payment Options:
          • ATM 匯款 (Electronic Funds Transfers) – for bank transaction in Taiwan to account:

        Name on Account: 台灣跑山獸工作室
        Account Number: 0554-940-006524
        Financial Institution: E. Sun (808)

         You can also download Invoice/payment details, but we don’t receive cash, there you can find our bank account number.
        how register_05

  8. Complete your Registration (last click):
    • if you are going to register another person separately (out of group registration), your last registration will be overwritten by new!!!
      how register_06
  9. You will receive Registration Confirmation Email with your Registration ID (please check SPAM folder or ‘Promotions’ folder in Gmail)
  10. Your name should be listed in Participate list of event (Complete or Not Complete)
    • Within two or three days you should receive Payment Confirmation Email = You are registered and your name will be in Complete list of participant
    • In case you paid, upload proof of payment and your name is still in Not Complete participate list and you are receiving Payment Reminder emails, please contact us:
  11. If you need any changes in registration please contact us, but no refund will be provided for request of cancellation, but you are able to transfer your entry to anyone else with a 200NTD administration fee


  1. 獲取利益
  2. 台灣跑山獸活動列表:
  3. 選擇想要參與的賽事,並點選報名 Register

    how register_01
  4. 以下基本資訊可以找到
    • 官網活動(如果有的話)
    • 臉書活動 (方便保持聯繫)
    • 參賽者名單顯示SHOW/隱藏HIDE
    • 上傳繳款證明 UPLOAD Your Proof of Payment 比對報名資料與銀行交易) (在接收到email信件後,重要的步驟!)
    • 社交媒體分享按鈕,開始時間,及活動日期
    • 報名細節格式
      how register_02

  5. 報名細節格式
    • 請填寫個人詳細資料,參賽組別/距離,上衣尺寸…等
    • 請注意!由於ITRA賽事成績規定,我們需要提供英文名字及姓氏(兩者請使用英語拼音輸入)及國籍
    • 您將會收到確認email確認信件
    • 請不要猶豫加購贊助商的商品,報名期間享有活動優惠價
    • 如果使用ATM/銀行轉帳,請務必填寫銀行帳號的後5碼,將可以協助迅速確認交易,但請務必上傳繳款證明
    • 必須同意AGREE,將會遵循攜帶強制性裝備及活動建議(請必須遵照執行,有些活動會有特殊性的需求)
    • 如需團體報名,請點選Add More Attendees”(新增資料其他人資料)
    • SUBMIT同意所有的資料,並且將重新連結到驗證註冊頁面請填寫個人詳細資料,參賽組別/距離,上衣尺寸…等
      how register_03
  6. 驗證註冊
    1. 確認個人資料及總金額
    2. Confirm Registration 確認報名>>(不是最後步驟)
      how register_04
  7. 付款瀏覽
    • 請看註冊ID,必須同時上傳繳款證明與註冊ID
    • 請選擇付款選項
      • 線上透過PayPal/信用卡:


        • PayPal帳戶
        • 沒有PayPal帳戶,使用信用卡… (每個國家信用卡方式不同)
      • 離線付款方式:
          • ATM匯款(電子金額轉帳)- 台灣的銀行互做交易

戶名: 台灣跑山獸工作室
帳號r: 0554-940-006524
金融機關:玉山銀行 (808)

how register_05

8. 完成報名(最後的點選)

    • 如果要分別幫其他人報名的話(非使用團體報名方式),沒有點選”Complete your Registration完成您的報名”,新填寫的報名資料會被之前的資料複寫。

how register_069. 您會收到報名確認email信件及報名ID (如果沒有收到,如使用Gmail請在垃圾信或是促銷信箱確認是否有收到)

    • 在使用ATM或是銀行轉帳,請盡可能快速處理款項
    • 上傳繳款證明與註冊ID

10. 參賽者名字應該會顯示在參賽名單(裡完成或未完成付款)

    • 大約2到3天,將會收到付款確認email信件,表示已經註冊,名字將會顯示在完成參賽名單中
    • 確保已經付款,請務必上傳繳款證明!如果名字仍在未完成付款參賽名單中,且仍收到提醒付款的email信件,請與我們聯繫!
      2. 電話:+886 963-539346
      3. LINE ID:beastrunners

11. 如果需要更改註冊資料,請與我們聯繫,但是取消報名將不會再退還報名費,但可以轉給其他人,需200元轉換費用。