Chinese New Year mountain run

Chinese New Year mountain run

Chinese New Year and we were staying in 埔里 Puli, great opportunity to run some pretty trails in higher and deep mountains. Let’s explore some new ways between Puli and Sun Moon Lake.

IMG_0039Took scooter early morning, still with little headache from last night drinking directly to 1000 m. How will show later it was not best, because I will have to climb it on the end. Park on 0th kilometre of forest road 卓社林道 Zhuō shè líndào and run to unknown.

IMG_0036 IMG_0044Up was amazing view on the mist which covered Puli during night. This mountain road is quite runnable and I enjoy free run alone in mountains. It was over 13 km on this road with small exploring under mountain 大尖東北峰 Dà jiān dōngběi fēng trail which goes down to some old aboriginal settle.

IMG_0041 IMG_0051I continued around some empty farm houses more up to hill to crossroad with big stone, turned right. After few hundred meters is turn right around forest on small trail. This trail goes across high grass up to 2017 m to 大尖山 Dà jiānshān.

IMG_0070 IMG_0072On the top is some signal tower, but not so much view for high grass around. I sit down and ate my second breakfast and enjoy be in high just before 9 am. From to is more fun, more fun steep trail down. After while of running on this ridge is amazing view to Sun Moon Lake and mountains behind Puli. Amazing, I again sit and enjoy this moment.

IMG_0092 IMG_0108Trail went down to some bamboo forest with many turns. One goes down to road 投69鄉道. But I continued more in forest to 過坑山 Guò kēng shān 1332 m. There is some glade and I wanted see more, but some dog started hunt me. I continued run away between ferns.

IMG_0104 IMG_0131Ferns even created some tunnels on this trail and I went down quickly to 中正 Zhōngzhèng village, which is situated between Betel Nuts (檳榔 Bīnláng, watch document: Betel Nut Documentary – Taiwan Chewing Gum) palm fields. Run on the road and started regret that I let scooter in higher elevation, actually now have to climb up 1300 m on zig-zag farm road.

IMG_0170 IMG_0172It was long, but finally reach crossroad with the forest road 卓社林道. Run back for scooter and lets go home to Puli celebrate Chinese New Year. New year will be year of the Goat, let’s spend more time in mountains and run more vertical – race HILL Runner.


新年快樂 Xīnnián kuàilè



0th kilometer 卓社林道 Zhuō shè líndào (park scooter) →

under 大尖東北峰 Dà jiān dōngběi fēng →

13th kilometer 卓社林道 Zhuō shè líndào (big stone, twice right) →

大尖山 Dà jiānshān 2017 m (signal tower) →

過坑山 Guò kēng shān 1332 m →

中正 Zhōngzhèng village (Bin Lang valley) →

up to 3rd kilometer 卓社林道 Zhuō shè líndào →

0th kilometer 卓社林道 Zhuō shè líndào

map, gps


Map of run (window to RunningAHEAD diary)

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