China Hash #2055 in Pingxi by Petr & Sasha

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Do you know what is Hashing? It is run, or more like group of alkoholic with running problem. This time we prepared great run for China Hash in Pingxi 平溪. Somebody loved the direction, somebody hated – us.
But everybody will remember it.

Petr & Sasha for China Hash House Harries

I spent lot of time (more than 130 km) in this area. Pingxi is really full of prehistoric forests, sharp overgrown ridges which will not let you run fast. Many times I got lost there during my exploring. Many times my shorts were covered by itchy seeds, hundred scratches on my legs, but I like there.
I wanted prepare this run with Sasha (my Hash name is Sasha in Trining), but he was every time busy with something and I was upset when I was wet and freezing in the middle of forest.
Just one time went together there and found great forgotten stairways, add some run in farm, tunnel with ugly pound behind (people hate us when they swim in this swamp) and amazing river walk on the end.
We also spent lot effort with cutting the bush in main trail, it was my first time I clean the trail, because I usually don’t care. There are few ribbons, but seems that more than 13 years old and sometimes was quite challenging find correct way in dense forest. We also explored few ruins of house in this forest. Also found some old mine in one hill with very old railway system. I really would like know more from history of this area.
I really wanted to show to Hashers of China Hash Houes Harries (CH3), in 2055th run, little of this and just included around 4 km of this crazy trail across 青林山 Qīng línshān and 畝畝山Mǔ mǔ shān in long version, rest of run was on paths or in river. GM, the guy who has main word for 2014, asked me how long will take it. I lied, guess 1:20 for me, but actually it took me nearly two hours with marking (11 km)…
We cooperated well with Sasha, and also prepared beer check in the river (have to drink beer and continue). The weather was partly clouded and it begun quite dark when first guys (Bas Brull and others run without t-shirt in this forest.) were returned. Some of them smiled, but most would like kick our ass for this crazy run.
But everybody found their way to Down Down (recapitulation of the run and week and drink for it), earlier or later, take their beer of satisfaction.
What could you expect from me and Sasha, look forward find next great trail run for Hashers in 2015.

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