#002 Beast Taming – Wulai 烏來 – 烏來山 and 大桶山 (11.5 km, 3:00, ↕1000 m)

Next training of beasts, this time did more vertical then horizontal. For your imagination, only on three kilometres climbed from 100 m to 916 m altitude. But weather was excellent and we enjoy Wulai forest. Petr, Eva, Sasha, Guo-Feng, Joy, … Read More

#001 Beast Taming – Xindian (14.5 km, 4:00, ↕1100 m)

Five brave beasts joined first taming in Xindian. Great introduction of what about is Taiwan Beast trail running. Very overgrown path with lot of bamboo, spiders, leeches. We had fun. Petr, Eva, Damiano, James, Kate (12/10/2014) Take bus No. 849 … Read More