Occasional training with Taiwan Beast Runners (跑山獸): some speed, repeats, fartlek, stairs, etc. in track, riverside and Muzha surrounding. Everybody are welcome, don't need worry, follow your speed.

灣跑山獸舉辦的不定期訓練: 一些速度,重複,法特萊克訓練法(速度遊戲),階梯...等訓練,訓練場地有操場,河濱公園或木柵區周圍,非常歡迎每個人參加,不用擔心,跟著自己的速度就好了。這次的訓練會再在熱身後,重複跑些小丘陵。

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Long term goal of Beast GYM

  • Improve physical condition in general (cardiovascular system)
  • Adaptation for high and short intensity (anaerobic – high lactate and no enough oxygen)
    • By speed on flat and hill/stair runs
    • Even you are amateur runner you can improve very fast and enjoy run in nature more
    • Even you are ultra-runner (long distance with low intensity) there are moments when you need push more (finish, hills). Many of long distance runners neglect this.
  • Muscle/join training for downhill run (on road or stairway)
    • Very important, run down is problem for many runners and there is lot of space to improve for everybody
  • Improve technique of run (style of run, very individual)
    • Even you have good cardiovascular condition with incorrect run posture can get tired quickly and urgently to your locomotor system (musculoskeletal – muscles, joins, tendon, etc.)
    • Many runners negotiate importance of arms during run
  • Have fun with new friends


  • 大致增進身體的心血管系統
  • 適應高速及急促性強度(壓氧-高乳酸及無充足的氧氣)
    • 提升跑在平坦路面及上坡/階梯的速度
    • 即使您是業餘跑者,仍可以非常快速地進步,而且更能享受跑步在大自然的樂趣
    • 即使您是超馬選手(低強度長距離),有些狀況下您還是需要逼迫自己(例如:在快到終點時,或跑上坡),其實有很多長距離選手都忽略這個部分.
  • 肌肉/關節下坡訓練(在一般道路上或階梯)
    • 非常重要! 很多跑者都有下坡的問題, 其實每個人都有很大的進步空間
  • 增強跑步技巧(跑步姿勢,這是非常獨特的)
    • 即使您有好的心血管狀況,但在不良的姿勢下,很快就會覺得疲憊及緊迫地會影響到運動系統(例如:肌肉骨骼-肌肉,關節及腱,…等)
    • 這部份會是許多跑者在跑步過程中重要的利器
  • 還有其他