Run from Danshui 淡水 to Yehliu 野柳 (57 km, 8 hours, ↕2500 m)

There was idea run from Danshui on the west sea cost across Yamingshan mountains to Yehliu peninsula. The goal was also run as much as possible on trails, even there are two vulcanos (磺嘴山 and 大尖後山) Unfortunately the trail to … Read More

Puli 埔里: climb to Shǒu Chéng Dàshān 守城大山 2420 masl (38 km, 8.5 hours, ↕2300 m)

My girlfriend Eva is from Nantou country 南投 from Puli 埔里 and we used to go there for some hollidays or weekends. I like this country, Puli is gate to Héhuān Shān mountains 合歡山 and forest hills around are amazing. … Read More

Yamingshan 陽明山: Jiantan 劍潭山 to Xinbeitou 新北投 (40 km, 7 hours, ↕2000 m)

This was one of my first longest runs in Yamingshan, this direction is alsmost only on the trail (forest paths, stairs) out of any traffic. I start from Jiantan mrt 劍潭山and kept direction to 風櫃嘴 which is familiar for many … Read More

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