Taiwan Beast Runners in 2014 (video PF 2015)

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Around 140 photos (play HD and full screen, 6:20), each is from different day of year 2014. Rest of year was suck…just kidding, didn’t take pictures on camera. If I should descibe all year in one sentece (otherwise will be … Read More

Taipei Fubon Marathon 臺北馬拉松 (Petr 2:48:07, Bas 2:42:35)

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International Fubon Marathon in Taipei, one fastest marathon in Asia, tested how good pacer you are. It was our second flat city marathon and seems everypody improve. Weather was very good, cloudy, but no raining, cold, but no freezing, just … Read More

Run Yingge trails with Aqua 鶯歌登山步道 (14 km, 2:35, ↕900 m)

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We took our puppy Aqua for her first longer trail run. Yingge trails are great for dog runs. Aqua was really great. Loves trail running with all obstacles and even waited for slower runners. We enjoy this Saturday morning. Look … Read More

China Hash #2055 in Pingxi by Petr & Sasha

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Do you know what is Hashing? It is run, or more like group of alkoholic with running problem. This time we prepared great run for China Hash in Pingxi 平溪. Somebody loved the direction, somebody hated – us. But everybody … Read More

#002 Beast Taming – Wulai 烏來 – 烏來山 and 大桶山 (11.5 km, 3:00, ↕1000 m)

Next training of beasts, this time did more vertical then horizontal. For your imagination, only on three kilometres climbed from 100 m to 916 m altitude. But weather was excellent and we enjoy Wulai forest. Petr, Eva, Sasha, Guo-Feng, Joy, … Read More

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