Ataya Marathon 泰雅森林馬拉松 with TBR 跑山獸 (2:59:59, ↕700m)

Ataya Marathon 泰雅森林馬拉松 with TBR 跑山獸 (2:59:59, ↕700m)

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How to start year 2015? With friends and ran marathon. Many Taiwan Beast Runners joined hilly Ataya Marathon, got many trophies and showed new team shirts. Nice weather, good friends, hard effort – wish you best and beast in 2015.
We celebrated New Year in Puli (center of Taiwan) with loot of food and drinking and after few days joined Ataya 泰雅 Tàiyǎ (aboriginal tribe) Marathon with others friends. Eva’s house accommodated 14 people and rest of Beast Runners came to race from other places, over 20 Beasts ran Marathon or Half in this nice aboriginal area.

Preparing for race started with dinner in Puli nigh market evening before, some steaks, stinky tofu and another high protein food were served :). Accommodated everybody and sleep very early (I and Eva just couldn’t sleep).

Races started at 8 am, which is quite later than usually in Taiwan. Ate some breakfast and move to race. Here I have to mentioned we borrowed small van from tea uncle (has tea farm) of Eva and I drove it very good :), lucky that Czech has manual gear.

It was little cold morning, but we know that later will be hot enough, because in center of Taiwan is usually nice sunny weather. Many runners joined this race and all categories started together. Half marathon had clear course, just up to gate to Hui Sun forest resort 惠蓀林場 Huì sūn línchǎng and back to start Ataya resort 泰雅渡假村 Tàiyǎ dù jià cūn.

Full marathon did two turns in villages on west and later went in same way up as marathon and even up to 800 masl to Hui Sun forest 惠蓀林場. There were more elevation even before last turn in resort and also sun little tortured marathon runners.


Me, Bas and Sasha start slower, because ran Fubon marathon just two weeks ago and known that there will be lot elevation and time to be faster. My hip and muscles were pain in from start to first half and in second half even more 🙂

We kept position in first ten and just saw front runner 柏聖 (2:39:37) in turns followed by 江晏慶 (2:49:48). I kept speed of group up to turn where still 14 km left to finish and I know that I will be much slower in downs for my muscle pain. I was slower, but could kept seventh position.

Steep downhill were really in pain, met Bas and Sasha there. Then ran towards to finish and met every runners in opposite direction. Met Eva on sunshine, she looked very tired (she was already from start, but still could manage finish her third hilly marathon in 4:30:33 on 18th position and 11th place in strong female category).

I over-sprinted 6th runner few meters before finish and got first no-money place, and first place in 30-35 category (although my 30th birthday will be after 11 month) with one second reserve for sub 3 hours gun time – 2:59:59.

Bas and Sasha finished hand in hand. Sasha came with his new PB for marathon and took third place in same category. Bas had more difficult time but finish hilly marathon in 3:09 is very good, and with trophy for second place in his category.

Yujui finished just two minutes behind first women 周玲君 with time 3:22. „Cute“ 張惇堯 did also very good with 3:46, even they got Beast Runners shirt after race.

Rachel ran 9km very fast and waited for her husband James long time in his sub 3:40 marathon run. He reach his goal – have smile in finish even had no best time in this marathon. He got 10th place in our category for his smile.

Runivore athlete Tomasz took it easier with headphones and making some pictures with phone (just didn’t carry stick as usually) in 4:25, Andy looked very tired after 4:33 of hot run. Few minutes before them cross lined overheated Jimmy 何進吉.

Amber and Orrin were running together and finish their third and second marathon, respectively under 4:25. Italianos David ran 4:41 with his 5 Finger Vibram.

Everybody finished this 700+ m elevation marathon, congratulations to everybody!

And what’s about half marathon TBR runners? There were no less interesting. This Sunday got money only Erica for her overall female second place with her PB 1:35:30 and looked best in comparison with other faces.

Eva’s brother 陳奕成 run very well and also improved his time to sub 2:45. Kai 邱凱群 also broken his PB to 1:52:36.

The most amazing performance dis Evas mother – she run her first half marathon and got first place in her age group, just three second before 2nd woman. Amazing time 2:14:58.

Everybody had hard time, but still enjoy this race, be with friends, nice corner of Taiwan. Just from our Beast Runners 跑山獸group can be seen that run is possible in any age. Wish best to everybody in 2015 and hope will have more great moments together.
Thank you our sponsors for nice Titan socks, energy supprot from BCAA gels Strong Amino and chia from Runivore; also to Inov8 for my support.

CH 中文 comment of Eva:

今年第一件事情完成了-Atayal marathon 全家人參與的第二場賽事,特別的是媽媽的第三場賽事,前兩場是9及13公里的越野賽事,這次她參加是21公里的半馬,前陣子她的腳受傷休息了兩個月的時間,我們說服她很久要她不要勉強參加這次的半馬,不過個性堅持的她還是挺傷上陣,開心的是她在2小時15分鐘完成此場高低起伏的賽事,也是60歲組第一名,真的佩服媽媽堅強毅力,我的弟弟也破了他的PB,在1小時49分完成。

 開心的是這場賽事不止全家人參與,還有我們Taiwan Beast Runners(跑山獸)隊員參與,每個人都盡了自己最大的努力,全力以付,我差點要DNF了,看到21k折返的弟弟及媽媽,我告訴自己要撐下去,雖沒達標,能完成已經很棒了,畢竟這場全馬還蠻硬的,我親愛的還預計我5小時完成,不過……….我讓他失望了,我早30分鐘完成。:P

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