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it is just name for the runners who love trail running and exploring in Taiwan. The word Beast here is because we usually meet some beast in forest (as spiders, snakes, wild pig, crazy monkeys, etc.) and need little courage for exploring some trails. Chinese name can be 跑山獸 Pǎo shān shòu.

跑山獸 Pǎo shān shòu.

Till now you can find some posts about the trips which are usually specific for its leng, nice direction, beauty or just really crazy overgrown trails. There is little description for the trip and also try use chinese name of the places and also Pinyin (eg. ā yùshān  阿玉山).

Please note that this is not exactly tour guide but you can find good motivation for similar exploring in these texts. If you will have any question I will be happy to help you, please contact us info@archiv.taiwanbeastrunners.com If you have any suggestion for this blog please write me as well.

Our first event was vertilcal race HILL Runner 700, every year will be 5-6 HILL Runner races.

Vertical running

Trail Map is very cool feature where you can see all Beasts Runs on one map. Very nice function is in page In Google maps where are links for google maps which show the significant runs directly on the map. By click on it can apper link directly to the text for trip in blog.

Here is also small eshop with product which we use during our running or in daily life, our sponsors give special price to runners during our events.

What we like and use, we promote

In Blog section can be found many from our past runs. In the page Significant Runs can find every these trips, every include link to the map (in my sport diary RunningAHEAD) and link for download <.gpx> of the trip. Another section is Daily run / Training where I post some shorter runs and trainings which can be good inspiration for others.

Very important is list with TBR Events, or event calendar here you can find every our races and trainings which we organize. Also from here can directly sign up for.

Beast Runners Events, no easy but great

Do you want go run wild? Do you want help with organization of race? Do you want promote your brand via trail running? Become our partner, contact us.

Our events:


  • Beast GYM (evening training almost every week)
  • UTMB training camp (mostly for Hong Kong runners who wish escape to higher altitude during summer)
  • or just weekend runs with Beast

What is special on TBR?

  • We love trail running and dare go explore to very wild parts of Taiwan
  • And from results seem we are not bad trail runners
  • We love bring new trail and areas for trail runners (about Eva and Petr on don1don)
  • Beast runners work hard on prepare trails, we spent many hard days with machete in hands
  • We also saved lives, sometime dog (include our dog Aqua) or deer from trap, but also one human soul was founded by 跑山獸 (read more ENG, CH, news)
  • Join us