AA 50km Shimen reservoir 石門水庫 training with Taiwan Beast Runners

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English version below chinese

CH 中文::


第一天: 10/25(六) – 此段為最關鍵的50公里,從第22公里到第44公里(也許一組快較的團可以一天跑完全程)。 
第二天: 10/26(日) – 適合參與13公里及21公里賽程,沒有分年齡組別,此段也包含50公里前17公里及最後4公里。

跑者將會分成15-20人一組搭配一位嚮導(例如:Petr,Yujui, Eva,Ruth 及Sasha等)

費用包含巴士接送(早上7點在 台北車站大廳 東三門集合,晚上回程),Runivore 奇亞子飲品,水,香蕉及麵包。


強制性裝備: 與比賽當天一樣 
I. 路程遙遠且無水站,請大家自備建議帶3公升以上的水
II. 路況具挑戰性,請穿性能好的越野鞋 
III. 手機(到時需要輸入毎位嚮導的電話號碼,以防走失) 
IV. 防水輕薄的外套或雨衣 
V. 足夠的糧食(能量飲,核果,蜜餞,飯團及零食等) 
VI. 頭燈,口哨,指南針(比賽時務必攜帶) 
VII. 至少攜帶200元在身上(CP4有雜貨店,可以購買些飲料及水)


銀行名稱(代碼) :中國信託 (822) 
帳號號碼: 772540125074

註冊截止日期10/14(二) 1PM

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English version:

Let’s go visit and run parts of race course 50 km in Shimen reservoir which is held in November 8th.Saturday 25th October – the KEY part of 50km from 20th to 44th km (maybe one faster group can run to the finish)

Sunday 26th October13km and 21km courses (good for all categories, for 50km is first 17km and final 4 km)

Runners will be split to the group of 15-20 people with one guide (Petr, Yujui, Eva, Ruth, Sasha,…)

One person = One day and one bus seat = 600 NTD
Include bus transport (7:00am from Taipei Main Station East Gate 3 (台北車站大廳東三門) , and evening returning), Runivore Chia seeds drink, water, banana and snack after run
Does not include: Insurance

Mandatory equipment: same as for race – be independent
I. hydration system (bag with 2L+ bladder, rather take additional 1L bottle because no CP3)
II. solid trail shoes (no new – prevent blisters)
III. cell phone (you will save quide number)
IV. light jacket or rain cover
V. enough food (energy bars, nuts, dried fruits, rice ball, candy,..)
VI. + headlight, whistle, compass (for race)
VII. + at least 600NTD in case and for buy drink only in CP4 (only drinks – Supau, limonade, water, tea)

Please fill out the form and order seats in bus (also for your friends) and transfer certain amount to
Bank name (code): Chinatrust Commercial Bank (822)
Account number: 772540125074

Registration finish Tuesday 14th October at 13:00

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pictures from 20th to 44th kilometer here


Shimen 13 km (Sunday 26th October):

Shimen 21 km (Sunday 26th October):

Shimen 50 km (20-44th kilometer, Saturday 25th October):


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