20141202 Daily Run: Wet morning run up and forgotten trail (12 km, 3:00, ↕1000 m)

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Winter is in Taiwan. We are cold; go run early morning is really tough. I went one morning for exploring new trails and try heat up in some ascent. I had explored forgotten trail in wet forest. it was little crazier than usually. It took 3 hours, just 12 km. Happy Taiwan trail running.

If I told you it is 17 degrees Celsius and I am really cold you will not believe. This is Taiwan winter, humid, raining and lower temperature. Moreover houses, offices in Taiwan are not equipped with any heater. It means same temperature outside and inside. Now I am writing this and sit with jacket.
This morning was no exception. I don’t mind run in raining usually, but start run in raining is really demotivation. I was cold, but not so long, till run up from Shenkeng 深坑 up to ridge from Shiding to Maokong.
I found new trail – stairway up to first part. It was quite nice and no overgrown. It went up to 烏月山 Wū yuè shān, but I just reach crossroad under. Then run in forest down to small asphalt road. There I heart dog, he ran like crazy in forest, and then I understand -the dog tried hunt monkeys, no first time saw this. Little worried he will try catch me, but monkeys lead him out.
Reach entry to 炙子頭山 Zhì zi tóushān, the trail up was no bad, good training for following Vertical Kilometer in Hong Kong. I run the ridge (like this place, very technical trail) towards Maokong. I just had some views to cloudy valleys and hills. It was quite cool be here before 7am. I love these moments when you come somewhere far or hide, and enjoy the majesty of these places or views.
Great panoramic view from 筆架山 Bǐjià shān and then… madness. Found new direction sharply down from crossroad under peak. It looks really crazy, but it was even madder. First part was just very steep down on slippery soil. I catch everything around me and protect me slide on this toboggan (it will be like in action movies from rain forest).

What was next? Just forest and many high plants, I hardly found some old ribbons (really old). Jumped on wet stones in stream, it was great testing of my favourite exploring shoes – Inov8 Ultra Race 290, great friction on this shitty surface. I used to walk in these kind of trails, but here was dark, wet, and really deep forest.

It was not long, but it took some time and energy, but unfortunately it was not all. I finally went on some small trail crossroad and choose right (right looked more sympathetic)… ugly bastard. Do long and so overgrown, got new scratch on my legs, get cold, so nice morning.
I wanted be home, take hot shower and some nice yummy breakfast, but before this righted with forest to small hill 麻竹寄山 Má zhú jì shān. I was happy there, the trail up from another side was cleaner and I was quickly in some farm area.
Saw some grey bag on trail, it looked like dog, it was dead dog and his body was there probably few weeks. Poor boy, poor homeless dogs in Taiwan. Back to Shenkeng Old Street 深坑老街 Shēn kēng lǎo jiē and took bus back home. Had hot shower (we started use hot water, but during summer only cold), nice breakfast – good morning.


Shenkeng 深坑 (bus stop 翠谷山莊) →
crossroad to 烏月山 Wū yuè shān (alt. name 三貢嶺山 Sān gòng lǐng shān) →
炙子頭山 Zhì zi tóushān 528m →
筆架山 Bǐjià shān →
down sharply from crossroad  →
麻竹寄山 Má zhú jì shān 213 m→
Shenkeng Old Street 深坑老街 Shēn kēng lǎo jiē

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more picture from forest in album: 20141202_Shenkeng up to Maokong ridge

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