20141116 Daily run: Feitsui Reservoir 翡翠水庫 (27 km, 3:20, ↕1250 m)

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Finally visit water damp for Taipei – Feitsui Reservoir 翡翠水庫. I expect nice road and trail runnig, and I got it. Quite steep roads and I found few secret trails there. Very interesting area.

I was quite tired this day, because on Saturday spent four hours of exploring in Pingxi during raining and cold. But I kick my scooter up to Beiyi Road (road from Xindian to Pinglin) and park in 二格公園 Èr gé gōngyuán (yes, it is under 二格山). Then run on the road to 台北花園公墓 Táiběi huāyuán gōngmù.

First jump to the trail was behind the crossroad down, to 十三股山 Shísān gǔ shā. No bad trail to up, but later very overgrown and I gave up and went back to road (it is possible run in cemetery under). Run down on very steep road to some turistic place, it was nice day and around were lot of tourist (they came by car).

I wanted do cyrcle on the peninsula there, but first found small trail up to strange peek 塗潭崙 Tú tán lún 376m. Very nice and fast dirty road is under and follow it down to cost of the Feitsui Reservoir 翡翠水庫 – 氷安里 Bīng ānlǐ (165 masl). Quite cool be there, if I will pee into, you will drink it in Taipei, joke. 🙂

Back to dirty road and then run to the east on secret trail to some 塗潭 茶園 Tú tán cháyuán (tea farms). From there were better dirty road to the asphalt road and then entry to tourist trail 永安景觀步道 Yǒng’ān jǐngguān bùdào Yong an Mt. trail. Run it fast and then bought icecream, yummy and gave me little energy went back up to mainroad. But…

Run up, and didn’t have mood run so long today (run across some tea farm), but then went to some secret trail (潭腰古道 Tán yāo gǔdào) which return me back to some tea house with hundred people. I again buy ice cream for 40 NTD, more delicious this one in tea house 石碇八卦茶園 Shí dìng bāguà cháyuá.


With new energy run again up and try found correct road up, sure I didn’t find another one and appear in some one way which finish on tea farm. I heard cars no so far up and I guess there must be some shortcut, otherwise I have to return so much back. Wow, my trail sense, really found very hide trail up on same entry road.

Run just back to Er Ge park 二格公園 on main road, try little push, because I was boring on thi road. Finally on scooter which didnt have so much benzin go down, by the level indicator. I start imagine how I stop some scooter and cut my reservoir tube for suck some benzin to mine scooter. Lucky there was enough petrol go back to Xindian, actually the indicator was just broken. No comment.

Will return to Feitsui Reservoir 翡翠水庫 soon, I like it. If you want some steep hilly run, you can go there. Even trail lovers can explore there lot. Also south part of this reservoir is interesting and more wild, I was there few months ago.


二格公園 Èr gé gōngyuán (park)  →
台北花園公墓 Táiběi huāyuán gōngmù (cemetery)→
十三股山 Shísān gǔ shān 559m (following trail very overgrown, return) →
塗潭崙 Tú tán lún 376m →
氷安里 Bīng ānlǐ (reservoir cost) 165m →
塗潭 茶園 Tú tán cháyuán (tea farms) →
永安景觀步道 Yǒng’ān jǐngguān bùdào Yong an Mt. trail →
潭腰古道 Tán yāo gǔdào (trail) →
石碇八卦茶園 Shí dìng bāguà cháyuán (tea house) →
二格公園 Èr gé gōngyuán (park)

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  1. Mike Fagan
    | Reply

    I like that last image. Feitsui is one of the few reservoirs I haven’t seen yet. Hope to go there before Chinese New Year.

    • Petr Novotny
      | Reply

      I like it, from North is easy to come down. I was also close to dam from south, but it was really crazy fight with bush. I see I didnt write about it.

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