20141010 Daily run: Wulai 烏來 – I am singing in the rain (18 km, 4:35, ↕1500 m)

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Raining and great trail in Wulai is very interesting combination if Sasha join you. Winter is coming and forest begins quite fun and more challenging.

Petr & Sasha

Original plan was run much far, but start run in heavy raining from Wulai is nothing nice. Torrential raining attack us every moment during steep ascent to the 大刀山 Dàdāo shān 620m and kept raining all run.

Under 大刀山 some angry monkey screamed on us, it probably had same feeling in this rain as us. We crossed 內洞林道 Nèi dòng líndào (close to the upper gate) and went directly to nice trail up to the hills. Original plan was go to 露門山 Lù ménshān, but it will take many hours, and the weather was really no great for it.

We just enjoy climb up to 拉撲山 Lā pū shān 840m and then escape left to the 大保克山 1152m Dà bǎo kè shān. The trail was clean, but some part were very slip and we had really fun with Sasha dancing on the mud and singing in the rain. We were not so slow, but we 12 km took more then 3 hours in this terrain and weather.

The forest is quite mysterious (clouds, misty and silent) during this weather. I used to run in  this, but it is really great experience. I dont like Taiwan winter in Taipei (raining and permanently cold), but forests in Wulai begin very different and I like it.

We run from the 大保克山 to 多望來山 Duō wàng lái shān 1110m on amazing ridge (if good weather there must be nice view) with many technical parts. We felt many time and Sasha was like little kid in playground.

Descent from west peak  大保克山 西峯 800m Dà bǎo kè shānxī fēng to the Neidong forest road 內洞林道 was quite steep and very slippery and I tested very well my new boots for long distance Inov8 Race Ultra 290.

Sasha had bath in the waterfall river before wun back to Wulai and take proper relax in Wulai public hot spring in the riverside. Good run for Beast, even few leeches got.


烏來 Wū lái →  大刀山 Dàdāo shān 620m →  拉撲山 Lā pū shān 840m →   大保克山 1152m Dà bǎo kè shān →  多望來山 Duō wàng lái shān 1110m → 大保克山 西峯 (west peak) 800m Dà bǎo kè shānxī fēng 大保克山 西峯 (west peak) 800m Dà bǎo kè shānxī fēng→ Neidong Forest Road  內洞林道 Nèi dòng líndào → Neidong waterfall (entry) 內洞瀑布 Nèi dòng pùbù → 烏來 Wū lái

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