20141004 Daily Run: 99 peaks 九九峰 Jiujiu Feng (11.5 km, 2:30, ↕700 m)

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This is very scenic area in Nantou – 99 peaks 九九峰. Or if you want fire-shaped mountains which were created by earthquake and erosion. I just planed this easier trip day before marathon. Sunne weather and amazing view to these peaks, nice morning. Next time have to explore another branch of valley.

Petr & Eva

99 peaks 九九峰 Jiǔjiǔ fēng is another example how Taiwan is scenic with diverse nature. There are few entry to this are, one is from west, but we start from south of the bigger valley, start point (from puli exit on 17th km to 國姓 Guó xìng). The hills are created by round stones composited in soil and it is quite unstable material. Will be great climb up on some peak, but everything is very steep and overgrown.

We just walk on the paved road up to the very nice palm farm and then back. It will be not my trip if I will not explore more. We went to the middle branch of valley. We jumped on stones more then kilometer inside, the gorge begun more narrow and even some stones felt down.

I climbed more up, still was possible go more up, but I was really not sure. Maybe can connect to another branch, but for this option will be better use the north valley. Will go there next time, It is just twenty kilometer from Puli by car.

We spent evening with our friends – dinner in night market and talking in house of Eva, they run Hehuanshan marathon and next day will run Xinyi Grapes Marathon 信義鄉葡萄馬拉松.

Wikipedia 中文: 九九峰 


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