20140920 Daily Run: Action Asia 50 km Shimen – 20 to 44th km group excursion

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Due to typhoon was coming we canceled the trip to the higher mountains and instead of it run part of Action Asia 50 km Shimen ultra race – from 20th to 44th kilometer. I hope guys don’t have mental shock from these trail – some parts were really overgrown. Look forward for next expedition (anywhere) and also for race on 8th November.  

Hot day as usually, but eigth pioneers went explore northern part of AA 50 km in Shimen. Introduction was very fast by very overgrown trails (and many bamboo stick after typhoon), the trail there must be clean more, but not much for keeping the adventure of the race. 😉 It took some time go back to Chengen Road and then run up to cross road which lies behind Bagel tunnel下面是百吉隧道

After few kilometer were few members already without water (necessary take 2 liter water reservoir and enough food) and it was necessary use Sawyer Mini Water Filter took fresh from stream close nice bridge 東興橋. After the longest descent in whole race to the 白石山 Báishí shā, but amazing view from rocky ridge was great reward for this effort.

Continued on ridge around the lover bath (stone in shape of heart with very ugly water) to the bamboo forest and paved road where is the northernmost loop of the race and run back on the road to the trail to 石厝坑山 Shí cuò kēng shān. The trail around 石厝坑山 Shí cuò kēng shān is also quite overgrown with many technical parts, which will test runners already with 32 km in their legs.

Fast descent on grass road to small Japanese bridge 日據時期拱橋 where take bath is recommended, and also CP4 water station will be situaed here. Tricky run across citrus farm to the entry to the Blacksmith trail 打鐵寮坑古道 and stop in closer house with parking lots 民宅停車場 for buying cold limonade and water from old lady(this will not be allowed in race, but use this during your training, knock the doors if will be close).

Run up on the Blacksmith trail 打鐵寮坑古道 can be pretty fast, but you will have already lot km in your legs. Turn left around ruin of house on the end of ascent. The CP5 is just very close, no more then 45 minutes on good trail around nice stream with amazing bridge 東興橋.

From CP5 (take enough water for last final part) run down on the small asphalt road and behind the restaurant run up to the crossroad of road-trails as we were before 下面是百吉隧道. From here is just run on the ridge with many up and down parts on technical trail, if you will survived everything before this final part this will test you endurance.

We just run to the crossroad before 溪洲山 Xī zhōushān where is water tap (unofficial information – because no drinkable water in Taiwan) and 20th and 44th kilometr of the race. We just went down to the parking 停車場 and be happy that run 26 km of the race. Thank you to everyone and hope you will enjoy next exploring and finally the race in November.

Direction (20th to 44th of Action Asia 50 km in Shimen)

21th km – parking lots  大艽芎古道(背面)入口停車場 → Beiheng Rd → Chengen Rd → crossroad above tunnel 下面是百吉隧道→ (CP3/CP5) → entry to 東興橋 → 白石山 Báishí shān → 石厝坑山 Shí cuò kēng shān → 日據時期拱橋 (CP4) → 民宅停車場 (can buy cold drink from old lady)→ Blacksmith trail 打鐵寮坑古道 → Dongxing Bridge 東興橋 → (CP5/CP3) → again crossroad above tunnel 下面是百吉隧道→  ridge trail crossroad 大艽芎古道 (20th/44th km on ridge cross road is water tap) → back to car 停車場

Shimen 50 km race course:


ALL photos are also located in Picasa album: 20140920_AA50 k 20-44 km group excursion

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