20140918 Daily Run: Pingxi 平溪 crazy off trail exploring (23.5 km, 6:20, ↕1100 m)

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In this blog are just two categories for runs – significant and daily runs. I really think make new category like crazy run or trail with imbecile. Expected little exploring at the morning in Pingxi, but stood there more then six hours in very dense forest and 3 hours without water.
Good morning.

Still dark, take first bus No. 795 to Pingxi from Muzha at 5:00. Started run half hour after in misty valley of Pingxi, nobody expect will be very challenging morning. I wanted search for some pretty trail for my Hash in November and I run around Lingjiao Falls 嶺腳瀑布 Lǐngjiǎo pùbù and run on the rails to 望古 Wàng gǔ, even met train in right time with enough space to escape. Then explored few blind turns to forest and finally went in to the one which I wished already explored few months ago.

Very nice trail run, but no so long and the road was disappeared and I don’t know how, I started climb just in forest up to some small peak. Everything was very overgrown by kind of long branch palm which is very often in Pingxi area, as we met on another side of valley with Eva (still would like write story about). After hard work I just hit trail which was familiar to me, I was there already one time and promised to me that I don’t want go it again, and now I was there. Very dense bushes on the top of ridge were difficult for moving, but the another challenge came soon – descent in dark valley around river stream. I guess nobody was here for very long time.

Finally reach road and turn right to the entry to 畝畝山 Mǔ mǔ shān. Nice path for running and I again left to some ugly trail for hour of exploring in bamboo. Then return back and rach cross of trail with picturesque bridge. Who could guess the one trail continue in the river, first did some circle in forest with monk house and very big hidden grave, then went to the river trail.

Wow, this valey trail was really forgotten. I just saw few flags but really no trail, I just walked between fern around the stream, it was really long and I was out of water already. Then climbed up to ridge 畝畝山 Mǔ mǔ shān 570 masl, very overgrown and it took my so much energy, no water and what worse I got many grass seeds which are pinned to your dress (don’t know name). It was everywhere on my short, socks, shoes hair. It begun really itchy and it drove me crazy. I could run down quickly and many times stoped for scramble of my thighs, so ugly. I went down to river valey and quickly find amazing bath and jump in and cleaned my body, but it helped just little bit.

I don’t know why, maybe because out of water already two hours and I didn’t have idear where exactly I am I continued on Shikongzi Historical Trail 石硿子步道 instead go out to Zhenkou station 圳口站. I run to the beautiful Shikongzi waterfall 石硿子瀑布 and more far behind, then decide rather go back to the trail entry 步道入口 Bùdào rùkǒu and then any station. Still so itchy my legs and again jumped to river and after run on the road reach Zhenkou station 圳口站 with bus No. 795. where is some rest place with coffe shop, price so high, but water machine with cold water was enough for me. Amazing drink after tree hours of hot run. Waited for bus and clean my short from the seeds. So tired after this, skin on my body so scratched, but happy be back. See you soon again Pingxi.


Pingxi 平溪 → Lingjiao Falls 嶺腳瀑布Wang gu 望古 → Mu mu Shan 畝畝山 → Shikingzi Historical trail  石硿子步道  → Shikingzi Falls 石硿子瀑布 → turn back later→ trail entry 步道入口 → Zhen Kou zhan station 圳口站 with bus No. 795

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Lingjiao Falls 嶺腳瀑布
to Mu mu Shan 畝畝
Pingxi 平溪 valley
Nephila Pilipes
Lingjiao Falls 嶺腳瀑布
start of hidden trail
off trail
entry to Mu mu Shan 畝畝山 from this road
very nice bridge
monk house
forest road
very forgotten trail
climbing to the rock
 Mu mu Shan 畝畝山 570 m
terrible seed and also on my shorts – so itchy
next time will go this
it was really itchy so much
Shikingzi Historical trail  石硿子步
Shikingzi Falls 石硿子瀑
turn back here
trail entry 步道入口
Zhen Kou zhan station 圳口站 with bus No. 795 and coffe restaurant
no many km with this brand

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