20140913 Daily run: Xindian 新店 lost in forest (31.5 km, 4:50, ↕1700 m)

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This should be lazy Saturday run, but it was quite challenge as usually. Explored Xindian mountains with great view of the Taipei. Many groups of angry dogs tested my acceleration. I saw big group of monkeys in forest. On the end walk and lost in really forgotten overgrown trail and then somebody turn off light, sunset is very fast in Taiwan, and trip begun as from Blair Witch movie. Look forward next idiot ideas, next time have to take light

I just started run 2 pm from 廣興 Gaung Xing, it was very very hot weather and I just had mood go to some forest for relax, not push so much. This time I also tested new bag from Inov-8 RacePac 4 (very light with smart water reservoir) and take my Inov-8 Trailroc 245 which begun my favourite equipment and will take for Shimen 50 km. I climb up on very steep slope to 平廣山 Píng guǎngshān 530 m, no many people walked here recently.

Reached mountain road Xiaokengsan Rd and was welcomed by group of loudly monkeys. I tried took many pictures of them in the forest. I run on the road where are very cool houses around with amazing view to Taipei, it is my imagination of weekend house. I tried tun up (so long zigzag road) to 東獅頭山 Dōng shī tóushān, but I couldn’t find final trail up. Run back down to the temple 后谷宮, where I wanted take water, but instead of fresh waster four fast dog tested my sprints, ugly bastards.


This should be nearly end of the trip, I just turn to the forest road to 小坑山 Xiǎo kēng shān 485 m, trail to up was very dense. Yes, I decided continue on the trail in forest. The trail was really disappeared and I just follow old flags and many times lost way. I spent there more then hour and in one place could find right direction, I know that road must be 300 m down, but 300 m can be very difficult if you walk in forest with bush.

I run around in high bush and begun very nervous, because begun dark, oh my god. Test every direction and nothing, I was more then 1.5 km from the road. I really decided go back, and very quickly because was more and more dark. I pushed my self and try follow trail, trail was not there – just kept direction back. It took lot of energy, but finally reach the forest road. Rule: take light every time if you go with Petr, I didn’t.

So tired but happy run down on Xintan Rd, as finish of TNF 100, back to the Xindian. It was still 10 km, but bought water and some ugly limonade help me finish to Xindian. Happy relax run…


廣興 Gaung Xing → Pingguang Rd → 平廣山 Píng guǎngshān 530m → under 東獅頭山 Dōng shī tóushān → temple 后谷宮 → 小坑山 Xiǎo kēng shān 485 m → (continued but return because lost and dark came)→ Xintan Rd → 新店 Xīndiàn

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平廣山 Píng guǎngshān 530m
 平廣山 Píng guǎngshān 530
under 東獅頭山 Dōng shī tóushān
temple 后谷
小坑山 Xiǎo kēng shān 485
新店 Xīndiàn

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