20140818 Daily run: Up to Ta man shan 塔曼山 2130 m (21 km, 3:15, ↕1200 m)

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Wake up in great mountains, with amazing view from church of Ark shape. Nice weather, great part of morning to climb up to some mountain. Ta man shan 塔曼山 lies in 2130 masl in Lala forest is best choice for it…
Afternoon had class for aboriginal kids in the local Ark church , it was great experience for us, thank you for invite us.

Yesterday came to 卡拉 Kǎlā village Ark church by Fuba Crossing Trail 福巴越嶺古道. Woke up before six and look from window and saw amazing view to mountains. Didn’t hesitate and jumped to shoes (probably last run of the shoes) and run up up to 塔曼山 Tǎ màn shān.

Top of this peak lies at 2130 masl and it is in very old Lala forest. Go up was enjoyable, because it was from 1040 m and air was no humid as in Taipei. Even executed shoe didn’t detract from the my good mood.

From top I continued left down to Lala forest area, but right can go to 巴博庫魯山 Bā bó kù lǔshān across some small pond (玫瑰池 Méiguī chí), but it is very far. I went left down to first crossroad, rigth will contiunue on top to 拉拉山 Lā lā shān and I went left steeply down to LaLa shan ekoligical center 拉拉山生態教育館 (1500 m).

There were alrady many turist which admire very old trees (I saw one which was more then 1700 years old, amazing). There are some attack of illegal woodcutter and for this reason is necessary apply for permit to Fuba Crossing Trail. Amazing nature.

We prepared class for aboriginal kids in Ark shaped church, the topic was Hones and we use running and be in nature as accompanying subject. It was veri nice experinece for us and hope that kids learned something. Thank you for invite us.


卡拉 Kǎlā village (1040 m) – up on  Zhongxin Rd – around 埤谷山 Pí gǔshān – trail head 塔曼山登山口  Tǎ màn shān dēng shānkǒu – 塔曼山 Tǎ màn shān (2130 m) – shorted way down to LaLa shan ekoligical center 拉拉山生態教育館 (1500 m) – back on the road to 卡拉 Kǎlā village

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ark church 方舟教堂
nice morning, if you compare with morning in Taiwan – little chilly
trail head 塔 曼山登山口  Tǎ màn shān dēng shānkǒu
problem of shoes manufacturing or problem of user?
amazing forest
tree in Lala forest have more then thousand years
house close to peak? 🙂
 塔曼山 Tǎ màn shān (2130 m)
塔曼山 Tǎ màn shān (2130 m)
left is the shorted way down to LaLa shan ekoligical center 拉拉山生態教育館 (1500 m, straigth will go to Lala shan
LaLa shan ekoligical center 拉拉山生態教育館 (1500 m)
1700 years old, wow
9.4 perimeter, and 1700 years old
old only 1200 yr
gate to center
卡拉 Kǎlā village wit ark church
卡拉 Kǎlā ark church: class on topic – Honesty. Great experince for us.

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