20140815 Daily run: Wulai double skyscape run (18 km, 3:20, ↕1700 m)

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Return to Wulai and did again the climb to 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān. Then down to Wulai and again back. Uh, really tough ascent and descent combination. But great for run/climb training in great nature.


忠治村 Zhōngzhì cūn (160 m) – 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān (916 m) – 烏來山 Wū lái shān 820 m – 烏來 Wū lái (140 m) – back to 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān (916 m) – crosroad lower and then rigth – 桂山 Guìshān (100 m)map, gps


Distance Duration elevation Notes
2.1 km 14:08 +830 m to trail entry
2.4 km 45:13:00 up to 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān (916 m) 59:21
3.1 km 43:49:00 -870 m down to 烏來山 Wū lái (140 m)
3.1 km 01:01:53 +870 m back up to 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān (916 m)
7.4 km 49:53:00 -820 m down to 桂山 Guìshān (100 m)

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Pictures just for reference:

忠治村 Zhōngzhì cūn (160 m)
entry to trail to 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān
from this side is nice ascent with few stairways
final part to 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān is quite slippery
大桶山 Dàtǒng shān (916 m
大桶山 Dàtǒng shān 916 masl
view to 大桶山 Dàtǒng shā
烏來山 Wū lái shān 820 mno far from 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān (916 m)
view to Taipei/Xindian
烏來 Wū lái (140 m) entry to trail, behinf the parking house

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