20140813 Daily run: Wulai skyscape climbathon (11 km, 3:20, ↕1000 m)

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Kicked our ass early and start run trail before 6 am in Wulai area, it is the best morning, for some crazy people. Explore cool broken trail around river to Wulai and then start our skyscape climbathon to Wulai shan 烏來山. In my opinion one of the most steep trail around Taipei, where is necessary use hands. Great start of day.

Petr & Eva

Kick ass and wake up at 5 am, take bus No. 849 from Xindian toward to Wulai at 5:30. Fell from bus in 成功 Chénggōng, close to Red bridge. Go another side of the bridge and in first curve left to the houses, there is start of very nice trail around river to Wulai. No many people know about it, because it is pernamently closed.

The entry to the trail to 烏來山 Wū lái shān is behind the new parking house. The trail is steep enough on the start, but will graduate more and in many part have to use hand for climbing across roots of trees or rocks. The Wuůai is situated c. 150 masl and you have to reach 820 m, which is nice 700 m in cummulate elevation on two kilometers, wow.

After first peak are few ridges with cool views on every sides (Taipei, Wulai, reservoir). The highest peak in this area is 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān (916 m) and mo far is crossroad back to main road with bus 北烏公路 Běi wū gōnglù or you can even continue more deep and be closer to the reservoir (I did this before few months, photos here).

Run down from 大桶山 is in nice forest, but the stones are really slippery. The rest of trail is also nice with many slipper wooden steps. I think I will repeat run from another side of the ridge. Go down is really fast and you are back in small town before Wulai – 忠治村 Zhōngzhì cūn. Take bus 849 back to Xindian.

It is just 11 km but the elevation gain is more then 1000 m with many technical and climbing parts. Lovely Wulai.

CH 中文 comment of Eva:


這樣腿發軟,兩眼昏花,還是撐著攻完兩座山頭(烏來山 & 大桶山)


今天的路線11公里,花了近3個小時,從140公尺爬升到916公尺,還蠻操的…不過P先生說,他預計1小時多就完成的,唉!跟”猴子機器人”練跑真的操, 不過這次學到的經驗,下次跑步前ㄧ晚,真的要好好補充營養,才不會腿軟,哈哈哈!


紅河谷 Hóng hégǔ (Red bridge valley) – 3.5 km trail around river to 烏來 Wū lái (c. 150 masl) – 烏來山 Wū lái shān 820 m (peak before 789 m) – 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān (916 m) – 大桶山登山口 Dàtǒng shān – Dēng shānkǒu (Vat Mountain trailhead) – 忠治村 Zhōngzhì cūn (small town before Wulai) – 北烏公路 Běi wū gōnglù (main road bus 849, 忠治 Zhōngzhì)

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