#003 Beast Taming – from Dragon Lake to Dragon Boat rock (16.5 km, 3:45, ↕1100 m)

Raining morning but still few brave runners came for promised nice trail run. It was no bad in new area and even with few bestial parts. Also our puppy Aqua bravely followed us. Thank you for coming and beast in 2015.

Petr, Eva, Tomasz, Andy, Xavi, Sasha & Aqua

Morning raining let only few brave runners come for Beast Taming to Nangang. First bug was that in Nangang station is not exit 6, it should be Nangang exhibition center, but five of us and Aqua dog took bus to Dragon Lake 金龍湖 Jīnlóng hú. After few stations Sasha jumped to this bus and started run, before bought breakfast, with us toward hills.
Second bug was overgrown trail, but it was nothing with compared to golf snipers when we run in buffer golf course forest.  Miraculously nobody got headshot by ball and we could return to Dragon Lake to find promised smooth trail. At least Aqua cheekily grabbed some food from two local dogs, she is small, but on question of live and food has clear priorities.
We found it and run up to impressive cliff above houses 學頭坡山 Xué tóu pō shān. There is really nicea nd fast trail to 老鷲尖 Lǎo jiù jiān 193m, where Sasha went to back for some morning Russia party. And he missed the bestial part, which start from 老鷲尖.
Smooth trail changed to gross forest, but with signs of trail. We little search for right (went left) trail to somewhere. I didn’t see it, but Aqua stumbled and did some salto mortale.  Little went out from designed course, but explore very nice corner in this part of Yamingshan, beauty valley with small farms 池上土雞 Chíshàng tǔ jī. Aqua stolen food from three big dogs and we could continue up to ridge to 水尾潭山 Shuǐwěi tán shān.
Run up on road and novice Andy from Runivore stoopped on the end of asphalt road and claimed there is not trail. I think he just didn’t want ugly trail anymore, but we went to the deeper forest. Everybody got ginger candy for their bravery.
Quickly reach altitude of 156 m on peak 水尾潭山. These small peaks are usually very difficult to reach, because they are overgrown, but the moment when you look around is great. It is great moment just for few seconds because you have to continue in same shitty trail again.
Under peak was little exposed trail. I took Aqua to right hand and left held some rope. OMG, the rope snapped and I slipped off the trail. Luckily catch one root and didn’t felt down with Aqua, it will not be nice. Abraded shin and little shock could stop me continue.
We went out to nice grass land and enjoy great view to Taipei and 101. Funny part – little steeper soil slope and two-legged runners had problem. Xavi went up on-sight, but Tomasz and Andy fought with the step up like kid who wants to go in the opposite direction of slide on playground. Aqua demonstrated to us how four legs works on it and run straight up.
Next part was the most difficult because it went up to dense overgrown ridge 大邱田山東峰 Dàqiū tiánshān dōngfēng 235m, I let Aqua fought with the bush there, but later took her on my sholders like hunted deer.  Rather was first and let rest of group enjoy this funny trail, maybe they could blame me. The ridge was cool and also quite windy, we were happy be on the top and just run down to the Dahu road 大湖路.
From small temple went up to final trail across Dragon Boat Rock 龍船岩 Lóngchuán yán. I think it was right time go down, because dog and rest of beasts were tired. We enjoyed the view and final slippery, or why Eva sit, trail down to pretty path to Dahu MRT 大湖公園.
Thank you for your coming, hope you have good time and less worries. See you in 2015.


金龍湖 Jīnlóng hú (Dragon Lake) →
學頭坡山 Xué tóu pō shān (cliff above houses) →
老鷲尖 Lǎo jiù jiān 193m (end of easier trail) →
池上土雞 Chíshàng tǔ jī (nice valley with farms) →
水尾潭山 Shuǐwěi tán shān 156m (broke rope under) →
大邱田山東峰 Dàqiū tiánshān dōngfēng 235m (overgrown ridge) →
大湖路 Dahu Road and small temple →
龍船岩 Lóngchuán yán (Dragon Boat rock) →
大湖公園 Dàhú gōngyuán (MRT)

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