#002 Beast Taming – Wulai 烏來 – 烏來山 and 大桶山 (11.5 km, 3:00, ↕1000 m)

Next training of beasts, this time did more vertical then horizontal. For your imagination, only on three kilometres climbed from 100 m to 916 m altitude. But weather was excellent and we enjoy Wulai forest.
Petr, Eva, Sasha, Guo-Feng,
Joy, 顏志叡, Kai, Romain

Seven brave men and one Eva joined this time. We started run in Red bridge valley and sneak to the closed trail from there to Wulai above river. Yes, the trail is little broken and seems danger, but nothing difficult for us. The most difficult was climbed across the gate, then somebody tried open – it was not closed. Ok, first bug, but laugh.

This was just for warming of our bodies, before the following difficult ascent. From Wulai, very close to bus statio, is entr to forest trail to 烏來山 Wū lái shān 820m m and 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān 916 m. But Wulai is just around 120 m, hoops.

It is really steep and most of time you have to use your arms, help your body up with rope, rock or roots of trees. I like it, even one time I „run“ it down, my arms were more sore then legs. First part is easier and second part is even steeper and rockier.

But I think everybody liked it. We were quite fast and reach front peak of 烏來山 789 soon. There are also few nice vies to another side of Wulai and we could see Taipei as well.

Upper part between peaks is not so steep, but not so fast to highest peak in this area. Finally reach 大桶山 Dàtǒng shān, little rest and then run down to another side. The trail down is nicer, and runnable, but first part is in wet forest and really so slippery.

I was ready with camera, but no any falling runner in my focus. Second part has also some wooden stairway and we really run fast down to entry to this trail 大桶山登山口 Dàtǒng shān. Left out from forest and temperature increased immediately.

And it was nearly finish of our trip. Together nearly 12 km, but with 1000 m vertical on 3 km. Just run back to main road and take bus 849 backto Xindian. Ha, go together to lunch and little celebrate my birthday. Even got cake, cake with Santa Claus… Thank you every one for your coming.

CH 中文 comment of Joy Chen :

跑山獸幾次的邀約,這次終於成行了,一早在新店捷運站集結,坐上往烏來公車,在紅河谷下車,就開始了號稱台北最硬斗的野跑路線,能跟Petr Novotnyㄧ起跑真的是種幸福,平常在賽道上遇到他,通常是起跑前或者是當你快瀕死的衝回終線時你會看到他ㄧ派輕鬆的跟你打招呼,想在賽道上看見他的車尾燈都要有神人般的速度滴!還好今天他會等等我們,就能目睹他神人般的英姿了。
我們ㄧ行人從新烏路下切至紅河谷,在跑進加九寮步道,這森林步道真的非常適合野跑,但有幾處坍塌點要小心通過以外,整條路線是可以跑起來的,過了加九寮的熱身步道,真的硬斗才要開始Eva Lobo笑著說這可能是台北最硬的路線,還說上次跑到眼冒金星,我們要陡升直攻到916m大桶山山頂,總爬升1000多公尺,會在5公里左右完成,這陡升的山徑仿佛又回到AAE50的白石山,我Guo-Feng Fu還打趣的說「如果把這路線放在AAE50我們完賽時間可能要再延後1小時」攻上大桶山的三角點時大伙就地休息,眺覽烏來群山真的是非常心曠神宜,我也不是不常來烏來跑,假日我跟幾位好友也是這邊的常客,但今天我才明白,當我在新烏路ㄧ樓跑的時候,P先生在十樓的大桶山奔馳,哈哈哈!
難怪怎麼都遇不到他,我們在山頂稍作休息,就依著陵線往忠治部落前進,這段山陵線我就見識到神人的速度,他總是衝到最前面,拿相機幫大家紀錄影像,跑完一小段陵線,就開始下切到忠治部落,這段下切的山徑,非常濕滑,滑跌了幾次,直到木棧步道才能跑起來,到了忠治部落,就結束了今天的野跑活動,14k花了3.5小時完成,坐車下到新店,我們跟獸星P先生ㄧ同吃飯,也幫他慶生,很開心能加入跑山獸的活動,最後還是要祝福Petr 生日快樂!!


紅河谷 Hóng hégǔ (Red bridge valley) →
3.5 km trail around river to 烏來 Wū lái (c. 150 masl) →
烏來山 Wū lái shān 820 m (peak before 789 m) →
大桶山 Dàtǒng shān (916 m) → 大桶山登山口 Dàtǒng shān →
Dēng shānkǒu (Vat Mountain trailhead) →
忠治村 Zhōngzhì cūn (small town before Wulai) →
北烏公路 Běi wū gōnglù (main road bus 849, 忠治 Zhōngzhì)

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20141129_#002 Beast Taming Wulai 烏來山 and 大桶山

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