#001 Beast Taming – Xindian (14.5 km, 4:00, ↕1100 m)

Five brave beasts joined first taming in Xindian. Great introduction of what about is Taiwan Beast trail running. Very overgrown path with lot of bamboo, spiders, leeches. We had fun.

Petr, Eva, Damiano, James, Kate

Take bus No. 849 to 龜山 Guī shān and kick our ass up to 直潭山 Zhí tán shān 729m took one hour for guys and 15 minutes plus for Eva and Kate. How I said it is runnable trail (trail around electric towers), which means it is not overgrown, but very steep. Very nice heat up in wet morning. In higher elevation started be cloudy in the forest and it make this trip very special – we had nothing from view in first part.

From 直潭山 run on very nice trail, and also few people start collect “points” for falling on slippery parts. We reach small peak 暗寶劍山 Àn bǎojiàn shān 678m and from there finally started Beast Taming. The trail were no visited for few months and we had to push our bodies in forest with high bushes and also with sharp grass, which is important lesson how to walk in this kind of flora.

Our shoes were already no dry anymore, but it was no problem and probably got some leeches in this trail. We fianlly reach first cemetery in Xindian, 新店青潭花園寶塔公墓. Quite nice place for rest in peace, amazing view to 101 and mountain around, even was in clouds everything.

We just jump again to the bamboo trail (in the corner of big stone wall) and continue to the peak 551峰(中嶺山) Fēng (zhōng lǐng shān) and then kept left toward to second cemetery. The trail was very muddy, and some of us sit one bottom very quickly. Kate collected many seeds on her long pants and looks like hedgehog.

We made new friends in second cemetery, two very cute dogs (owner said that they usually are not friendly, maybe they just wanted ate something from Damiano). Afterwards went to the corner of cemetery, where is peak 大崎頭山 Dàqí tóushān 490m.

Trail after? Yes, more and more dense with many fallen bamboo made our movement very slow, but I still believe every body had fun. James had important role in this part, he was cleaner of spider web. He also tried remove some heavy branch by his had, but he is not enough stubborn for.
Finally came to last peak with no bad view to part of Xindian, 青潭尖 Qīng tán jiān 222m, from there was just descent to the Xinwu Rd. No so far was really nice view to 碧潭 Bì tán and 101. Remove fer leeches and run back to the 新店 Xīndiàn. It was no bad for first part, we look forward for next exploring. See you.


龜山 Guī shān → 直潭山 Zhí tán shān 729m → 暗寶劍山 Àn bǎojiàn shān 678m → 新店青潭花園寶塔公墓 cemetery → 551峰(中嶺山) Fēng (zhōng lǐng shān) → 大崎頭山 Dàqí tóushān 490m (second cemetery)  → 青潭尖 Qīng tán jiān 222m → 新店 Xīndiàn

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